LENTEN PROCESSION and the "F" word!

What the "F"?!

It is that time of the year when Catholics, especially in the Philippines, hold this annual tradition during lenten season (usually during March or April). As a catholic myself, most of the time, I always take part of this yearly lenten procession, and this year, I have a chance to share my observations of this traditional event. But, before you get further and furious towards me writing about something which most people define the expression as offensive, read the whole post first.


There are a lot of food that are sold in the streets. So, you can no longer go hungry, or even thirsty, when you take part of a long procession. Back then, only few stalls were available which sold limited items like balots and cotton candies. Now, you have a wide range of food choices.

PEANUTS. You can choose from different variants from sugar-coated peanuts to hot and spicy ones.
HOTDOGS, KWEK KWEK (orange flour-covered chicken or quail eggs) AND FRENCH FRIES. You can add sauce of spiced vinegar or a sweet and sour sauce to add more flavor.
SIOMAI AND PUSO (hanging rice). Hungry? This can be your meal, or to some, their quick-fix snack.
WATER. To complete your gastronomical satisfaction, have a big gulp from this ice-cold bottled water. NOTE: It is not cola!


Can you tell a photographers from 'fotographers' (fake photographers)? Well, there were a lot of "photographers" along the street to take photos or even videos, especially that almost all of us own a camera or a phone with camera. Unfortunately, I did not bother to ask for their Facebook account and tag me in their photos.

GOOD PHOTO COMPOSITION. In every great photo, a photographer must have a keen eye on angles.
NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY. To avoid dim background and to avoid disturbance (remember when you went to the zoo?), it is advisable not to turn on their flash. I think candles may work, in times like these.
SELF PORTRAIT. (popularly known as SELFIE). Don't forget to bring along your monopod, in case of, no one will be there to take some of your photos.


It was so nice to see a lot of families attended the procession. I remembered when my grandmother (Lola Perry, who I missed so much), brought me to every procession in our town. I had to wake up early at 2am and, like every religious rituals we attended to, I always got excited. This time, it was no longer early in the morning and I was with my mother, bringing along 2 large white candles. (Too bad, we didn't take some photos of ourselves).

MORE FAMILIES. Although I was no longer had the same feeling of excitement, like before, I appreciated that there were more families still took part of the tradition.
NO STROLLER, NO PROBLEM. It is a problem to most parents when their children are whining about being tired from a long walk. Well, it is no longer a problem because this is the solution. While you volunteer to pull a carroza (float or carriage), let your child ride along with it.
BRING THE WHOLE FAMILY. It is advisable not to bring infants and small children in order to avoid their children from getting lost or getting sick, which they can get from the environment due to their immature immune system. Yet, this family proved that no health and security advisory can hinder them from showing their devotion and faith.


I never thought that this religious tradition could be somewhat like "Project Runway" Procession edition. Is there any dress code or something?

WHAT THE HEELS?! If the devil wears one (reference to the novel or book, The Devil Wears Prada), well definitely a devotee can wear Prada in a "parada". Maybe, she can endure the pain after a long parade, or, I think this is her way to do penance.
OFF SHOULDERS. Well, it is summertime in the Philippines and the sun is scorching hot. So, just beat the heat off your shoulders. Why not?!


They got amplifiers, too. No more walking for them, as well. So, we can hear them clearly without hearing them, catching their breaths while they recite the prayers and so, we can pray along with them.


Garbage were everywhere and most of them were paper bobeches (as shown). Can anyone be responsible for their own filth?

NO BOBECHE FOR ME. I don't want to end up like those who just simply throw those candle drip catchers. I decided not to use a bobeche. Good thing, the melted wax, which drips directly on to my hand, didn't hurt at all. It is a MIRACLE!
NO PAIN PARAFFIN WAX. This could be a discovery. A no pain melted wax, suitable to those people who will undergo paraffin wax test (used for criminals to check if they have fired a gun). Looks like it is a humane way for gunmen. ANOTHER NOTE: I am not a gunman.


Most of the faithful believe that the flowers in the carroza may have healing and miraculous powers to those who place them in the altars of their homes.

FULL OF BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS, GONE IN SECONDS. The carroza is embellished with these bouquets of roses and orchids. Yet, this wonderful array of flowers will vanish in a few, as devotees were scrambling to get a piece or two of this wonderful ornament.
MAD ABOUT FAITH OR FLOWERS. Just as the last carroza of Maria Dolorosa came inside the church, the devotees showed that they are madly serious about what they believe in as they aggressively rip off the bouquets of flowers from the carroza.
1, 2 AND GONE. What was once a beautiful carroza covered with roses and orchids, it is now a bare float.
traditions may have changed in some ways as time goes, BUT, We shall never forget that the pUrpose of the lenten procession is to comMemorate the Passion of christ, WHICH DEFINES OUR FAITH, the ulTimate 'F' WORD.


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