The Town Of Little Suamico By: lexi scott

Map of Little Suamico

Here is our local town hall, Town of Little Suamico, 5964-A County Rd S, Sobieski, WI 54171


1.) On Hoganwood Cir, development brings concern with emergency access, more traffic, and road break down.

2.) Oconto County Economic Development and WTA/UTC donations, tax assessment, and R&R assessing. There is a grant of $25,000 to draw tourism from other states, but Little Suamico will not contribute because they don't believe that it will benefit the community.

3.) School house Rd. should the town allow Timberland 122 Development LLC to build a new development even if there are wetlands and water level runoff concerns?

4.) On Nero Ln, residents are concerned with the access point, easement, cul de sac, and traffic due to new homes being built.

5.) Issues with a culvert on River st dealing with the subdivision lot sizes and Szela duplex zoning / permits and the local residents opinions.

ISSUE-- On School House Rd, over a dozen homes are being built on 40 acres of wetlands. Residents are worried about the water runoff from the road and also the new cul de sac about to be put in with new homes. People around the community gave a suggestion of reducing the speed limits.

HOW THE TOWN IS GOING TO HANDLE THE ISSUE-- The town has decided to make a map of the upcoming development. This map will be displayed to the public! After multiple complaints, the town decided to go through with the building process.

HOW I WOULD HANDLE THIS ISSUE -- As fir water runoff, I would add deeper ditches and drains around the roads. With the building development, I think they made the right decision. They should however, consider reducing the speed limit.

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