Thinking This February 2020 Recap thinkingthis.com

February 1st 2020
👸🏿🍷Queen of Cups - (reversed)🍷👸🏼

I create myself in peace.

There is a possibility that your emotions will be harder to control today. You have the skills in hand to create the perspective that will help clarify the situations that trigger these emotions. Your wounds may be poked but this time you won’t bleed.

February 4th, 2020
🕯9-The Hermit (reversed)🕯

What I can do is enough.


Harsh conditions may tempt you into retreat, but that is not where your work is. You’ll have to get out there and do the best you can. Your light is needed in the storm. You are enough.

Claim: I direct my heart and brain to know that what I CAN do is enough.
February 5th, 2020
🎋7 of Wands- Struggle🎋

A phase of expansion presents itself.

A phase of expansion presents itself. All challenges that you reconcile lead to amplified opportunities. Don’t allow circumstances to convince you that its not possible. You’ll have a breakthrough after action is taken.

February 10th, 2020
The energetic cycle of February 2020-2022 video on IG stories & Youtube.
February 13th, 2020
🧙🏿‍♂️🔮1- The Magician 🧙🏻‍♂️🔮

I Am complete.

This is a time to set your plans into motion but before you do that, have you given the energy a clear direction? This is a matter of keeping your eye (your energy) on the ball (goal), so that your bat (action) can make contact with it. You have all the tools. Your time is now.

Claim: I am complete.
February 14th, 2020
🎋7 of Wands/ Struggle

Make peace with your body.

The message of the 7 of Wands returns, which means that this lesson needs further contemplation in order to be fully assimilated by the collective.

Challenges continue to present themselves. Some of us are dealing with it in our bodies and others in our minds. I personally find physical challenges more frustrating. Nothing requires more diligent direction of energy than physical discomfort for me.

Make peace with your body and you create the possibility that it will feel like it’s your strongest ally. Accept it and thank it because it really is an ally, especially in the 3D. You need each other. Encourage and hold up your “teammate” when they’re down, so that you can receive the benefits of new found strength after they’ve recovered.

February 15th, 2020
🏅3 of Pentacles- Reward/ Works🏅🏅4 of Pentacles- Security/ Power🏅

You don’t have to do this alone.

You get the go-ahead on a project but have a bad habit of doing everything yourself instead of learning to collaborate. Sometimes the efficiency traded off for good company is worth it. You don’t have to do this alone.

Claim: I am safe to love others and I am safe to receive the love others have for me.
February 16th, 2020
🍷3 of Cups- Abundance 🍷
Only Love Prevails.

Respite from the hard times. Celebration with friends. Be present with the family. Share compassion, support and acknowledgment. Only Love Prevails.

February 18th, 2020
👑🎋Knight of Wands🎋👑

Now is the time.

Don’t be afraid of acting on your ideas. Your steps are divinely guided. Now is the time.

There is something that needs to be balanced regarding grief around times that are gone and there being no way to take mistakes back. Do not fear creating yourself. Intend your actions through divine love and love will prevail.

Claim: I am the god of me who makes decisions toward the highest good.
February 21st, 2020
🏙16- The Tower🏙

I want the highest answer.

Your desire to escape and be “above it all” is understandable. However if the tower you’re in is on fire, while the roof may FEEL safer, it isn’t. You won’t get out in time unless you go back down to the ground floor where the heat is searing. It’s the only way out.

Face your reality so that you can capably respond in ways that improve your situation.

Claim: I want the highest answer.
🕯💎🔮Remember that an energetic upgrade is available to you in these days 2/20-2/22. Lay still in meditation for 5-10 minutes and receive the energy. You may see some cool colors and patterns. Enjoy. 😇
February 22nd, 2020
🖤🐆Panther 🐆🖤

I Am safe to create in all ways.

The panther steps forward with fire energy for us. “Seize the day” energy. The panther wastes no time once the objective is in sight and is generally unseen until the moment of the strike.

Your plans are grand, and at the same time should be on a “need to know” basis with others for the time being. This is not the time to announce them.

Claim: I am safe to create in all ways.
February 24th, 2020
🏍7- The Chariot🏍

The energy awaits your new direction.

The frequency of flow starts lifting away any stagnation left over from all of the processing we’ve had to do since the month began. The energy awaits your new direction. Where do you want to shine your light? Once you know, you’re already there.

February 26th, 2020
🤴🏿🌬King of Air🌬🤴🏻

I evaluate circumstances carefully.

It may seem like your thoughts are scattered because there are a lot of ideas that need detailed planning. Choose the one closest to fruition and focus there. Reconciling one leads to the reconciliation of the others.

Claim: I evaluate circumstances carefully, and make the highest decisions.
February 27th, 2020
🌟The Star🌟 👸🏾🗡Sybil (Queen)of Swords 🗡👸🏻

I Am the essence of pure thought.

It’s a busy time in a very busy life and the “real work” is on the spiritual plane. You have wisdom and knowledge yet untapped. And just like in the 3D world, you need to show up every day to get “paid”. Lucky for us we don’t need to spend 8+ hours per day on this kind of work. You can do a lot in 8 minutes. Clock in and be the master of your domain.

Claim: I am the essence of pure thought.
February 29th, 2020
👑🏅Page of Pentacles🏅👑 👑🏅Knight of Pentacles 🏅👑

Address your physical needs.

Turn an eye to your physical needs. Are you showing up for your body in the same way you want the universe to show up for you? Your nutrition needs addressing and more exercise is needed. Taking the time to appreciate nature will bring unexpected energy.

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Thank You.