George Washington by: Amanda cook & Robert Tunney

George led the American Collonists to victory in the American Revolution. He helped produce the U.S. constitution. Finally he served for 8 years as first president of the U.S. George is often called father of his country. George Washington was born in Virginia in 1732. He grow up on a farm. He went to school but not a lot. Washington served as president from 1789 to 1797.

George Washington was born in West Moreland Country, Virginia on February 22,1732. He was the eldest of Augustine and Merry Ball. At age 16 Washington joined a group sent to survey the unkown lands on Virginia frontier. George began working as a surveryor at 16

People all over the new country looked up to Washington. he was a war hero and great leader. Many Americans wanted Washington to be the nations first president. Washington won the first presidential election in 1789.

The Washington Monument is in Washington D.C. the Washington Monument is more than 555 feet high. There are more than 36,491 stone blocks in the monument. It was built in 1848 and finished in 1884.

After serving as president for 8 years George went home to Mount Verona. He died in 1799. George fought and helped to shape the U.S.A. We remember him as "Father of His Country."

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