Squash Team captain Fights Xenophobia that Hits Close to Home JOSHUA paul

Kion Bruno's play on the squash court is not the only thing that is impressing others. The son of a first generation Iranian American is the founder of the squash team, a varsity tennis player and the founder of the Building Bridges club, which makes an effort to fight prejudice against Muslims in the community. He sees a gap between the Middle East and Westport, Connecticut when his friends tell offensive terrorist jokes. To bridge this gap he has founded the Building Bridges club which makes an effort to mend the cultural divide seen in our town.

Bruno says he has seen "a definite increase in the amount of xenophobia with the current presidential administration." The Building Bridges club has brought in many guest speakers including Iranian Americans, Syrian refugees, along with public officials Congressman Jim Himes, First Selectman Jim Marpe and Senator Chris Murphy who sent a personalized video message to the club.

Efforts to raise include a screening of "Salam Neighbor", a film that sheds light on what it is like living in a Syrian refugee camp. All that attended this event got to speak with Syrian refugees to get a first hand look on what it is like being a Syrian refugee. This is all in an effort to shed light on the humanitarian crisis in Syria. It is good to know that a student of Staples High School is on the front lines on the war against prejudice.

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