James.K.Polk By..Dianah Rodgers

Polk was a pretty much a jerk

He served only one term there is actually a quote saying that but he was pretty mad in the quote here it is down there right there

These are quotes

Polk served not only president but he also served 9th govenor of tenesee,13th Speaker of the united states house of reprsenetives,Member Of the U.S. House of represenitives. From tenesees 9th district,And Member of the U.S. House of represenitives from tenesses 6th district he served a HECK OF A LOT of terms‼️

Polk was our 11th president

What he did as president...

1.He made Americas land expand

2.He reformed the national banking system

3.He settled a boundry dispute with the british

4.He led the country to the mexican amarican war

5.He kept his campaghin promise to the country

He sadly died at the age of 54...

He lived from september 2 1795- June 15 1849

This is his grave

Polk did many things during his presidency he signed a few campaighns and helped amarica expand. He even led us to a war! Well thats not really a good thing BUT! He did so much during his 4 years... He wasnt that happy with one term but yet he did so much in just a short time span of 4 years..

Thank You...

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