The desert By :Aalia😏

The Predation

Now for the competition



The Mutualism

The Egyptian desert

The safari Desert

In the desert biome

Thank you for listening 🔥🔥


Created with images by jpeter2 - "desert morocco sand dune" • Larry1732 - "Badgers" • Becker1999 - "Bobcat" • skeeze - "coyote wildlife nature" • skeeze - "gray fox kits young babies" • skeeze - "mountain lion puma cougar" • watts_photos - "Red Panda bear eating bamboo Norfolk Virginia Zoo" • Wow_Pho - "food salmon teriyaki" • avocadogirlfriend - "Water" • kevinzim - "scorpion" • katja - "spotted baumwaran monitor tree monitor" • ceciliareyna - "water life cycle" • Atmospheric Infrared Sounder - "Carbon Cycle"

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