Belgium By: amari mcgee

In Belgium they speak at total of three languages such as Dutch, German, and French
In Belgium they use Euros
They're government is off of monarchy
Their economy is mixed and their population is 11,371,928 which honestly isn't that big.
Belgium import and export he same products which is machinery, equipment, chemicals, finished diamonds, metals , and foodstuff.
Immigration has been a problem in Belgium and the US
As you can see Belgium has the highest percentage for highest tax rate.
This here is the flag for the country Belgium. The colors mean the country's coat of arms.
Here is a contemporary dress in Belgium which is very beautiful.
This is the City of Brussels which is the capital of Belgium
Here is a translation of something that is Dutch.
Here we have some Belgium artwork.
The Famous Leuven Town Hall
In Belgium they take a lot of subways kind of like New York
This is one of the most common food that everyone knows about known as Belgium waffles


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