Art Portfolio Allyson hodge

1) I feel like I did really good on the shading of the face because it blends in with it.

2) the features of the face

1) the hair because I like the way it looks

2) the Shading I think I could have done better

1) I like how I painted the trees because the blend in together

2) the painting, I still need to practice on blending colors more

1) the design and the way it looks

2) the painting again

1) the shading because it blends in pretty well

2) the design I think I could have done more

1) the glazing of it, I think it looks nice with that black then the symbol

2) maybe added more

1) the eyes of the skull

2) could have fixed the mouth more

-Collective Portfolio-

1) my favorite is the skull I made because I think I did really well on it and it looks really cool

2) the landscape because I think I could have done much better on it

3) drawing people and sculpture

4) shading and coloring

5) practice on shading more and try a little harder on painting

6) I feel like I should get an A because I tried on my projects and did what was needed. I enjoyed them and had fun while doing it

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