West Jordan Street Creative businesses past and present

STARFANGLED PRESS @ 36 W. Jordan Street

When Kristen Necessary moved to Brevard, she always “loved Jordan Street” and says of the location at 36 W. Jordan Street, “I love being here, the space is exactly what I was looking for.” Kristen was looking for a retail location that had room for a studio, a gallery, and a dark room in the back. One evening she and her husband stopped by to look at the space. He had to leave early and texted her “that’s your space.” She felt the same way!

Kristen says the shop name, Starfangled Press, is inspired by a bike part, a connector, the star fangled nut. She likes that the shop allows her to show the process behind the artwork. It helps customers understand “the entire discipline of printmaking”. She really enjoys the front display windows too. “The windows provide a great view that attract attention and fingerprints!”

I love that I’ve created a space that is very happy, comfortable and relaxed. This is the street I wanted in Brevard. It worked out great. I love being here and look forward to coming to work every day.

Kristen has learned more about the previous occupants of the building. Multiple buildings on the street block have housed creative businesses over the past several decades.

Glovers Studio circa 1900.

Circa 1928

Philipps Bakery relocated from Caldwell Street to Jordan Street in 1920 and continued in operation here until the 1930s.

Circa 1960

Miller's Fabric Shop occupied the building in the 1950s.

Mulls Grocery and Betty's Interior Design occupied the building in the 1960s.

Circa 1990

Grindstaff Carpet Shop occupied the building in the 1990s

Check out the evolution of Jordan Street through early Sanborn Insurance Maps

Circa 1911

Circa 1916

Circa 1924

Circa 1931

Circa 1945

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