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"Every member in your organization or student in your institution deserves to discover and experience the purpose-centered life - people show up better when they live in purpose."

There are so many good, caring, and hardworking people suffering from mental-illness and the lackluster day-to-day simply because every second of their life goes unfulfilled. There is research that shows that the Purpose-centered Life can not only improve the quality of life, but ameliorate chronic disease. Purpose is Powerful and incredibly Necessary.

My fun and effective intrapersonal development curriculum can help you, your team, your organization, or your student-based group discover their why, and put them on the fast track to helping others and living their best life through the Purpose-centered Life.

Corporate Events/Non-Profit:

Leadership Events - Corporate Training Days - New Employee Orientation – Keynotes

Division 1 2 & 3 colleges:

Student life workshops – lectures - Athletic Award Events - Leadership Conferences - Early College Programs - First Year Experience Programs - Student Orientation - Welcome Week - Breakout Session - Residential Life Training - Keynotes - Black History

DEI TRaining -UNCONSCIOUS BIAS "What inspires Behavior"?

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion training is often ineffective because it targets, shames & blames participants. When people feel attacked, growth is impossible. What if DEI training was actually inclusive? What if you were encouraged to be curious and find the humor in the human experience? What if learning was fun and effective? Unconscious Bias is inclusive and gets to the core of what inspires Legacy, Culture & Behavior in route to truly understanding how DEI can improve People, Culture & Performance.

The black american experience

The Black American Experience is a fascinating narrative. However, Black history presentations often feel routine and predictable. Marv's goal is to commemorate the black experience with a fun, fresh and insightful approach by exploring what inspires Black culture, Black legacy, and Black behavior. Marv's honest and captivating presentation works to accentuate the beauty of the Black experience in America from 1619 till now and calls attention to the influence of Black people on American history, politics, and pop-culture. Whether in a college setting or a corporate setting, Marv's take on the Black American narrative provides inclusion educational experience.


  • Improve Mental Health through the power of Meditation and Radical Acceptance.
  • Discover your Purpose and unlock Success, Inner-joy & Fulfillment in your personal and professional life.
  • Improve performance by building Courage, Persistence, and Perspective.


  • Convert your Dreams into Reality by using Marv's 8 step Visualization Technique: The Dreaming Process.
  • Improve Confidence and Performance through Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Development Exercises.
  • Secure Success and experience Fulfillment in your Personal and Professional life through the Purpose-Centered Life.

Marv HELPS PEOPLE DISCOVER THEIR PURPOSE...IN A SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME…WITH TWO SIMPLE QUESTIONS! Marv creates a brave and safe space, making it easy for participants to become vulnerable and engage in meaningful dialogue. Every participant can expect a transformative experience that combines intrapersonal/interpersonal development theory, tons of laughter, visualization techniques, and practical methods to ensure long-term success. Marv is committed to making success human, by making the complicated concept of purpose recognition comprehensive. Imagine what your life would look feel and feel like if it were lived in Purpose.


“The 2nd Annual W.M. Trotter Lecture’s theme was Dream, Declare, Commit and Succeed, and Marv Fox, Jr. helped the audience to imagine just that, as he encouraged those in attendance to view success as human. Marv did a wonderful job of incorporating the current issues and climate of the University of Michigan Trotter Multicultural Center into his speech; he also made mention of the 2016 MLK Symposium theme #WhoWillBeNext, which was spectacular. It was evident that Fox was fully aware of his audience!” -Jessica Thompson, U of M Trotter Multicultural Center Program Manager

I honestly needed that talk so badly. I have been asking myself, "what am I even doing" and "what is my life right now"; for the past few days. Marv's talk reassured me of exactly what I already know. Purpose supersedes insecurity and that it takes intentional work to keep believing that. He gave some good ways to work at it and keep at it. Overall, I was so happy he talked about being on "purpose"; which answer the questions that I had been asking myself all through training! - Grand Valley State University Student

Our large group was totally engaged in Marv’s stimulating presentation. The way in which Marv engages a crowd is unlike anything I have ever seen. I looked around the room and saw everyone completely locked in. His ability to teach is incredible and he's exceptional at making something as complicated at purpose easy to understand. His stories made it real and his humor made us laugh. Finding speakers who can entertain, engage, and inspire adults is rare...Marv is rare. If you have the opportunity to inspire the people you work with and for, you have to get Marv. - Karen Church, CEO of Elga Credit Union

Marv, presented an exceptional presentation to our nurses as of celebration of Perianesthesia nurses week. The title of the presentation was very attractive “who is your hero”. The presentation was enlightening and gave us the challenge to live life intentionally. His presentation gave us a sense of purpose and made us think about how we can change our thoughts to become the more positive leaders and embrace our calling. I think about Marv’s presentation every day before I start my work and dwell on the thought to live life intentionally and purposefully. -Liz Ropes RN, BSN, LEO Adjunct Lecturer Undergraduate Studies Program

Thank you so much for coming to speak with and inspire the students at HFC. Your presentation was great and really got the students thinking about their purpose. Your enthusiasm and energy are contagious! I left the workshop energized and excited to really start thinking about what am I passionate about and how can I start to introduce it into my life more. Hopefully, we will have an opportunity to bring you on campus again in the near future. -Mandy Earl, Student Activities Associate, Henry Ford College

Marv provides inspirational speaking, workshops and coaching on converting purpose into personal and professional fulfillment. Your organization or student body will thrive and experience long-term success after learning Marv's highly effective visualization techniques through his open dialogue, self-improvement programmatic experience. If in a corporate setting, employees will improve performance and develop a better connection to their work through the understanding of purpose relative to life and career. If in a college setting, students will maximize their college experience and improve post-graduation decision making by connecting their college experience, Genius-level Talent and Passion. Participants leave Marv’s workshops not only inspired but well versed in the mental and spiritual concepts required to pursue and fulfill the Purpose-centered Life.

Finding speakers who can entertain, engage, and inspire adults is rare...Marv is rare. If you have the opportunity to inspire the people you work with and for, you have to get Marv. - Karen Church, CEO of Elga Credit Union
“He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.”― Friedrich Nietzsche
I look forward to connecting with you - Talk soon Take Care