Destruction from the Inside Civil Wars in Africa

The Civil Wars in Africa have affected its people greatly, these wars have resulted in the recruitment of children as soldiers, and have had negative effects on the economy which directly affected the government.
“ For every person killed in Africa’s Civil Wars, many others have been wounded, mutilated, or maimed for life, and millions have been made homeless refugees”
“Poverty is one of the most obvious results of bad governance and there seems to be a clear connection between extreme poverty and civil war."
There have been stands by the UMECS, United Movement to End Child Soldiering, their efforts have been directed at Africa. As Well as the Red Hand Day Campaign, where supporter collect hand prints in a way if stand out and up against Child Soldiers.
The wars are also destroying even the most minimal of health services and the spread of disease is a huge contributor to the death tolls. The red cross is stepping up and helping out where they can though.
"In Yemen, the number of poor people has increased from 12 million prior to the war to more than 20 million people after the war.”
The wars are not only affecting the adults of Africa's finical status but the children as well and they are preventing the children's attendance at school. This has also affected the children's learning because instead of attending school the children are joining the war efforts.
However there were some who joined because they wanted to escape the utter poverty, have protection, and make an income while doing it . The children that are forced from their homes and the children that are becoming child soldiers go hand in hand.
The wars are internationally displacing millions of people in Darfur. There are 5 million people that live in besieged Darfur cities and hard-to-reach places. There are 3 million refugees that live in the neighboring countries and beyond; and the internal armed conflicts profiled, that civilians have become the principal victims.
The wars are affecting more than just the people,its affecting the nations economy. “When a Civil War breaks out, investments in the nation grinds to a halt. After all, who would want to open a new business in a country, wracked by violence, with an uncertain future?”
When there was the change in power, while President Joseph Kabila was still in charge he overlooked the obvious issues such as poverty, child soldiers, and the fact of having no hospitals. These are still present problems with the new leader Jacob Zuma.
There is however support coming from other countries, the United States alone provided nearly 12 billion dollars to aid African Nations. There is support and help to repair Africa.


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