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Overall, I had done the same process that I always do to prepare myself for a quiz or test. I read the material, went over my notes, practiced some questions from homework, asked the teacher some questions before the test, and even talked to a friend in the class about some questions. I felt prepared and ready for this test, however my grade did not turn out the way I had hoped.

For my next upcoming quiz or test, I will review the previous material more in depth and make sure to better understand the questions while I am reading them. I also am going to make sure I practice more before hand so that I am more prepared for the questions and not make stupid mistakes. Hopefully more depth practice will prevent the same mistakes from happening again. Also, I will try to put in more time for the practicing than I did previously, so about 3 and a half hours.

Overall, I made careless mistakes on this test and should have gotten the A that I had intended to get. I will make sure to go over and reread the test again before I am about to turn it in to prevent careless mistakes from happening again.


While talking with my professor, I felt like I better understood why I got certain questions wrong. It proved to me that I did know the material, I just did little mistakes that I could have easily avoided had I put more time into practicing and paid more attention during the quiz. This experience will help me to make sure I stay focused while taking a quiz and to not be careless about it. I will probably go back to my professor during her office hours if I have anymore questions on future tests or quizzes.


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