Vancouver Crash Dylan Hart: Photography, 8

Before the break of summer of 2016 had ended, I went to Vancouver B.C. with my Dad as one last thing to do before school started back up again. Unfortunately, coming back, my Dad and I had gotten into a serious car accident. It was with a nineteen year old at the time driving a four hundred thousand US dollar car with nine hundred horse power. He was cruising around the area with his friends showing off their wealth in expensive luxury and sports cars.

My Dad and I were okay, however after being in the hospital for the night we were able to rent a car and get back to Seattle the following day. However as time went on, we learned more and more about the driver as well as a current problem Vancouver Canada is going through.
The father of the kid who hit us was one of the many wealthy Chinese businessmen moving their families overseas to foreign cities like Vancouver to give them a better life, while they go back and fourth between their home in China and where ever they chose to move to next. This new money coming into these cities is a current problem because it raises the value of housing which makes it harder for the long time residents and their families to be able to afford exactly where they want to live.
Only a block away from the family house of Ding Chen, which also turned out to be the most expensive real estate transaction in all of Vancouver's history, at an amount of forty million us dollars, was the house that my Grandfather built with his wife at the time many years ago. In these photos it shows some of the view that he had, the beach further down, and his ex wives family from Japan. At the time, there were no extremely rich Chinese families in this neighborhood whatsoever, but now, they are a high percentage of the residents in Point Grey. This goes to show that neighborhoods over time change, this is just one current example of what is going on in Vancouver Canada.

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