These five men were very grateful to receive the motorbikes. Why? They mostly walked for hours previously. Traveled by hired bajaj, rented motorcycle-for-hire, or rode the crowded bus.
These are two of many leaders who carried the burden of overseeing many, many churches in an area of 300 sq km., traveling with a sense of purpose, carrying their shoes under their arm when the water level got high. They wore the only pair they owned.

Each one was special, All serving like kindred spirits. Flames of fire wherever they went.

Hearts filled with gratitude to all who donated. Five men received their motorbikes, have been leaders serving for 12-20 years already. Dear brothers and servants of the King of kings

The team-behind-the-scene, full of joy to serve, one spirit, one mind, serving like a symphony playing the music not the notes!

This dear man of God has real Fire in his bones! He walked three hours that day to receive his motorbike after he finished training one remote church group that morning.

We met last year at one of the churches he planted, now more than 700 people, where they received Bibles in their language for the first time.

All insured, tagged, and gases-up. Ready to roll!

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