The Jouney Morgan Cook (5th period)

"Sometimes its the journey that teaches you about you destination." -Aubrey Drake Graham. In Khaled Hosseinis' novel, The Kite Runner, Amirs journey gives him a better opportunity to learn how to stand up for himself and the things he has done. Throughtout novel, his guilt causes him to travel to different countries in order to cope with his past. While taking a physical journey, he also takes a mental one by growing up from a scared coward to a strong, independent man.
At the beginning of the novel, Amir never stood up to anyone because he was afraid of them doing something back to him. In Kabul, only the toughest guys got respect; everyone else got pushed around. Anything could happen in an instant, so it was either learn to fight or get hurt. "But hes not my friend...I turned and came face to face with Hassans slingshot." (Page 41). When Assef threatens to hurt Hassan, Amir was too embarrassed to be seen with a Hazara than to stand up for his friend, but when the tables are turned and its Hassans turn to be brave for Amir, he doesnt even think twice about helping him. Unlike Hassan, if theres a sacrifice for his own safety, Amir wont do anything. "...I was coward...I was afraid of Assef and what he would do to me." (Page 77) Even after all he has done, Amir still can't find it in him to do anything but run away when Hassan needs him the most. As long as Amir is in Kabul, he'll never be as tough or brave as the other boys.
After Amir moves to America, he begins to slowly move on from his past and learn how to be stronger. In the new country, Amir can start a totally new life. "For me, America was a place to bury my memories." (Page 129). Since hes surrounded by a completely new atmosphere, he doesnt see reminders of what unfortunately happened to Hassan. He gradually becomes the person that Kabul wasnt allowing him to be. "...I will stand my ground, I decided." (Page 135). Instead of giving into what others say to do, hes learning that he can make his own choices. Amir isnt as focused on the past in America, so he is able to continue and start fresh with his life.
Experiences in America make Amir independent and more selfless. He finds it easier to help others because their problems make him think of his past and how he needed someone to help him out when he needed. "How could I, of all people, chastise someone for their past?"(page 165). He becomes understanding of the peoples situations. While he helps others, he begins to have no one to lean on but himself. "Baba couldnt show me the way anymore; and I'd have to find it on my own."(Page 174). When Baba left him, it made him want to be the only one carrying his weight. Amir mentally grows up while learning to serve others even when no one is serving him.
If a person, just as Amir did, focuses too often on the past, the future wont seem as great, but if someone uses their past to help them in upcoming situations, they will learn to be greatful for everything that has occured in their life.


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