My traveling from Texas to Guatemala By Erwin cruz

My story star in Texas my fathers are from Guatemala they come to United States to find a good job because they want a better life for my sister and after they come and get a house to live and stay they find a good job after all that I born in Houston Texas i in Texas i go to school for two years I go to the two first grades I stay in Texas into i get 8 years old after that I go to Guatemala I dont remember to much about my friends and people that leave with me but is still remember some people from here I just remember about someones like aunt uncles and friend also i remember the schools . The cause why i go to Guatemala is because my uncles was sick and we and just mya dad stay working then we go to Guatemala.

My first day in Guatemala was strange because I don`t know to much people and star to make some new friends to play and sometimes they was bad with me because they think that i was other kind of person but they was wrong because they don`t know me but with the time I make some new friends . One of the hardes part was when I star because My mom tell me that I read more in inglish so i will need to learn how to read in spanish but I lear because I study my 1,2,3,4,5,6 grades in Guatemala but my life in Guatemala was awesome because I make a lot of new friends then I come back to USA to continue with school.


In Guatemala I have a lot of adventures because i go to differents places like Tikal that is where the maya live before but that other story . I go to differents states in Guatemala I like to leave in Guatemala because is more like open you can go any where with any one you can go to rivers play soccer go to others places when you want to go you don`t need to ask anyone that is why I like to leave in Guatemala.

Antigua Guatemala

After I leave in Guatemala I come to united states I star so study in 7 grade then I star to learn english again because I forget all my english but with the time i learn more so know i know more english and the I come jupiter after christmas break and that is how I come to USA .

TIKAL, Peten

this is almost all I do in Guatemala when I leave there maybe for this vacations I go to Guatemala because my parents are there and I want to go see them and all mi family like grand mother and father because they are important for me because they are special because they give me love too like my parents that is why I wanna go to Guatemala to see how they are and help they in all they want .

El lago de Amatitlan
This is antigua Guatemala
this is a picture from where Guatemala is located in the map

here are some pictures of Guatemala

here is a videos of the city of Guatemala looks good.

this is a short story about my life in Guatemala and in Texas and how I traveling from this two places in my life.

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