Ancient Samurai By: Kelly petersen P. 1

Rise of the military society

In 1192 minamoto yuritomo set up a military government instead of becoming the emperor.Daimyo-a Japanese lord with large landholdings and a private army called samurai they paid no taxes to the government. Shogun-a Japanese military leader one of the first Shogun came to power in a.d. 1192. The samurai are former warriors and the shogun is the commander of the army and once people of the army drop out they become samurai and a daimyo owns samurai.

Samurai armor weapons and fighting

A samurai had a weird military training they had to learn archery, fencing and martial art. The actual armor was unique because the armor was made of tiny metal plates and tide together. They wore a scary looking mask on their face. When they didn't have a weapon or their sword broke they would fight with objects around them.

Samurai training and the warrior code

To have self control They had to go for days without eating, walk in the snow barefoot and hold stiff postures. They were told to think of them selves as already dead. Samurai live by the bushido code which is where they die a honorable death. To the samurai it was way more important than a long life. When they performed suicide they used seppuku.

Training in writing,literature and the tea ceremony

Samurai practiced calligraphy and poetry. Matsuo Basho a samurai, invented a poem called haiku. The tea ceremony is a spirit of harmony. The tea ceremony was held in a tiny room. The guest watched the master make and serve the tea. The guest who was there would complement the masters utensils. Once the master makes the tea the guests take three sips wipes the rim and passes it on, the master gets the last sip.

Spiritual training

Amida started in the 12th century by a monk named Honen founded Amida Buddhism. In Amida Buddhism they believed all people could reach paradise. They could reach paradise by relying on the mercy of Amida Buddhism. Amida was an Indian prince, it was told he set up a western paradise called the pure land. Most samurai believed in Zen Buddhism it appealed to them because of the discipline in it. Zen Buddhist meditated for hours to be enlightened while meditating the thought about puzzling questions called Koans.

Woman in samurai society

In the 12th century samurai woman enjoyed status. When a ladies husband died she could inherit his duties as vassal. Tomoe Gozen killed enemies in battle along side her husband. Another woman named Koman saved her klans banner by swimming to the other side of the shore with arrows shooting at her. In the 17th century samurai men were the lords of their household. Women were expected to kill themselves when their husband died. Woman we're basically the maid of the house

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