Collective Voices A social practice art project by Caroline Walker

Collective Voices a social practice art project where members of the public were invited to contribute a brief message about something they are grateful for and has helped them get through the last several months. Submissions could include a drawing, written statement, or a voice recording. The submissions were used to create digital mosaics that trigger an augmented reality experience with audio.

Artist Caroline Walker collected messages from members of the public during November through January of 2020.

The City of Austin was in stage 5 COVID-19 restrictions during much of that time. Many people's lifestyles were altered significantly.

The art installations are on view at:

  • The Arboretum through May 13,
  • Gateway Center through May 13,
  • The Shops at Arbor Walk through May 13,
  • Art For the People through May 13,
  • Prizer Arts and Letters through May 1st,
  • Neill-Cochran House Museum through March 29th.

Viewers can get the full experience by downloading Walker’s app “Collective Voices” from the Google Play or the Apple App Store and visiting any of the art installation locations. When viewers look at the art installation through the app, they’ll hear the community members’ audio submissions and see their messages of gratitude appearing to float out from the art installation into the universe.

The art installations highlight Austinite’s stories of coping strategies and silver linings that they have appreciated during this challenging time. Among the many themes, the most popular ones included connecting with nature and spending more time with family.

The impetus for the project began when through a juried process, Caroline Walker was selected by the Dougherty Arts Center of Austin's Museums & Cultural Programs to participate in a new program, ArtsResponders: Social Practice Responds to COVID-19, and commissioned to train in social practice and engage the community in an artistic response to cope with and overcome COVID-19.