Chicago 2017 Badgers in personal finance

This November, 19 undergraduates from the Personal Finance program traveled to Chicago to take part in one of two events. Four students attended the Schwab IMPACT conference (along with 4,000 financial advisors) while 15 students visited financial firms in downtown Chicago.

These opportunities allowed students to further expand their career development skills, network with industry professionals and explore careers in personal finance.

All of this was possible because of the generous support of our partners & alumni.

Take a look at their experiences below.

Schwab IMPACT 2017

2017 is the first year the Personal Finance program was invited to the Schwab IMPACT conference.

With alum Benjamin Hayes of Wipfli Hewins (left)
"...the IMPACT Conference will forever be a highlight of my Wisconsin experience." Michael Letzter, senior
With alum Ryan McGuire of Wipfli Hewins (center)
"...it really solidified my decision to go down this career path." Mitchell LeRoy, senior
13 universities were invited
"I was able to network and connect with financial advisors to learn about their career paths and what makes them successful." Amanda Caster, junior
Linda Lepe was a panelist about internship best practices
"I really appreciate all the contributions made in order to make this trip possible. I feel very fortunate to have been chosen for this opportunity." Annika Kelshiker, junior

Firm Visits

At the same time, another group of students visited Chicago firms as part of a FOCUS student organization trip led by Assistant Director, Lindsay Peters.

Students listened to client calls on the Morningstar Development Program
"...we left Chicago feeling enlightened and inspired to work hard and utilize the great skills we have acquired from the courses in our program." Alaina Reeves, senior
"Learning about the different cultures of each company was very enlightening and helped me clarify what I want to do with my degree." Jarret Johnson, sophomore
"Hearing the experiences from the financial professionals makes me more eager to become an advisor myself." Nicole Powers, senior
"I was able to connect with Badgers in the Chicago market who gave me hope that I, through hard work and effort, could potentially end up in their shoes." Sam Brennan, junior

Thank you to our industry partners & alumni for making these trips possible!

"I truly am thankful for the opportunity provided to us. The passion you have for insuring the continuing growth and success of the Personal Finance program is inspiring. I am very proud of our program, and look forward to the day when, as an alumnus, I too can give back." Sam Brennan, junior


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