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I took advanced art because art is my favorite subject. It keeps me calm when I can be creative and artsy.

The art work I am most proud of this year would be the pastel drawing of Cade and I.

Even though I've been doing the pastel drawing for quite a while, I still wish I had more time to perfect everything.

Artistic behaviors that i have used the most this year is "creating original art" by using what I am familiar with which was acrylic paint. I have done a couple projects with acrylic paint such as this one and it turned out better than I thought it would. Another artistic behavior I used was "Taking Risks" by trying something new. I used pastels for the picture of Cade and I.

Goals- For the second semester I want to become more familiar with Clay because I have never had the chance to work with it yet. Also I want to do a drawing maybe. I haven't drawn anything since last year and I know drawing is something I am good at in art.

I decided to go back to painting, and create something simple and pretty, so I decided to paint flowers on a canvas with acrylic paint.

I like how the flowers are turning out with how i'm free handing it. it makes them look more unique.

I don't like the pink with the blue and purple, so I'll probably go over it with purple. I also don't like the fact that painting flowers is very repetitive and it gets a little boring after a while.

Artistic behaviors I used were creating original art. I used this behavior because I am creating flowers, i'm not creating something random. I wanted to get more familiar with acrylic paint without painting people. Another artistic behavior I used was reflection. I planned what I wanted to do with what interests me. So far, I have been going back and getting new ideas for what to add in this project.

This is what I finished with. I really love how it turned out and I think it's been the best thing i've done in art this whole year. I liked how the picture of cade and I turned out so I figured I'd do it again. I like how it actually looks 3D. The only thing I don't like about pastels is that it gets very messy. I created original art by picking out a picture and simply making it how it looks.

Throughout art class this year, I have learned how to use pastels. I've completed two projects in pastels this year.

The piece I'm most proud of is my lil yachty portrait.

I think i have improved in art this year because i've learned new things.

I don't wish to redo any projects because I believe I tried my best on all of them and they all turned out how i wanted them to.

One artistic behavior i think i used the most was original art because i didn't really use my imagination, I just took was from a picture and created it myself.

The second artistic behavior I think I used the most was taking risks. Because I learned some new skills and techniques while using pastels for both projects.


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