Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows By J.K. Rowling Report by Thomas Patton

The genre of this book is Fantasy
Throughout the book Harry Potter has to destroy Voldemort’s army. Voldemort can not be destroyed unless Harry destroys his horcruxes which are fragments of Voldemort's soul. Repeatedly Harry destroys each and every one of them. Then the final battle of Hogwarts happens. In this battle ,Harry, fights Voldemort in a one on one battle. Harry then returned the wand that Voldemort was using, called the elder wand, back to Dumbledore's grave.
So, here it is at last: The final confrontation between Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived, the Chosen One, the “symbol of hope” for both the Wizard and Muggle worlds, and Lord Voldemort, He Who Must Not Be Named, the nefarious leader of the Death Eaters and would-be ruler of all. Good versus Evil. Love versus Hate. The Seeker versus the Dark Lord.- The Newyork TImes.
I would recommend this recommend this book to anyone who is seeking to read a future classic. The storyline is great the characters make you feel part of the story. You get wrapped up in this book and that is the best part about this book

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