Young Persons Programme You’re Nothing But potEntial

At Revolution Fitness we having a passion for challenging young people to develop, grow and succeed.

Back in 2017, one of our members asked if their son, Logan, could spend their mandatory school work experience with us. Having always had a passion for helping young people we said yes and quickly gathered together a work experience programme. With a strong focus on individual responsibility, hard work, communication and self belief we used the programme not to focus on health and fitness, although that naturally is a large part of it, but on communication skills, goal setting, planning the next 5 years and helping them get excited about the potential that lays out in front of them, but most importantly making them feel part of a team, that they know, wants them to succeed.

A few weeks after the programme had finished, we received a letter. It was from Logan, expressing how much he had enjoyed his time with us and the benefits he felt he had received. Adding to that on a Saturday morning whilst coaching the West Suffolk Swim Team, Logans Father pulled one of our coaches aside to express his gratitude and thanks for giving Logan the confidence and direction to chase his goals... Being a Father myself, this is a memory I’m particularly fond of.

10 students later, our enjoyment for our Young Persons Programme has only grown.

Ensuring once you’re a part of the Rev. team, you always feel a part of the Rev team.

With the opening of the new Revolution Facility in July 2021 and the expansion of our team we want our Young Persons Programme to grow alongside it and launch our Revolution Apprenticeship.

If there are any young adults that have a passion for health and fitness, sports, feel they need challenging or helping to build their confidence, we would love to talk with them as part of their mandatory work experience or our new Revolution Apprentice scheme alongside CIMSPA and Lifetime Training.

Work Experience

Term; 14 days

Minimum Attendance; 24 hours per week.

Experience needed; 0

Salary: Mandatory Work Experience


- Complete daily facility care, show punctuality and smile through early starts.

- Construct 5 year plan using our Rev. development model.

- Develop a basic understanding on constructing a Rev. Fitness Session.

- Deliver instruction to a group of people.

- Take part in Rev. Fitness Sessions.

- Take part in Team CPD.

- Enhance communication skills

- Sky rocket confidence and forever feel welcome within the Rev. Team.

Revolution Apprentice

Working alongside CIMSPA, we have an apprentice programme to help develop young coaches, their understanding of business development and prepare them to take on the real world.

At the end of their Revolution Apprenticeship Scheme they will have qualified as a level 2 and 3 enhanced personal trainer with Lifetime Training and have the ability for additional education and qualifications via our in-house CPD programme, also run alongside CIMSPA.

Term; 15-24 months with the opportunity for further education.

Experience; 0 experience needed. We start at level 2 and develop into level 3.

Weekly Hours; 37 hours per week, depending on other commitments, this can be negotiated.

Salary; Minimum requirement needed as per UK Law depending on age. They will be included in the staff bonus structure.


- Continued and detail progression from our work experience programme, including 5 year plan and daily activities.

- A detailed understanding of our ethos and ability to delivery all manner of daily coaching tasks to a high standard.

- Continued ethos from our work experience programme.

- Assist in developing our work experience students.

- Become an important member of the Revolution Team.

- Level 2 and 3 enhanced personal training with Lifetime Training

- Maintain course progression and meet all deadlines required.

- Maintain CPD progress through our in house coaching development programme.

- Develop a clear understanding of nutrition basics and how to deliver them to a member.

- Develop the ability to listen and communicate to a variety people in a way that cause them to forget the students age.

- Understanding how to develop a business plan, budgeting and cash flow forecasting.


Revolution Apprentice

Qualification Breakdown

Between education with Lifetime training and the opportunity with the ever expanding Revolution Fitness, our apprenticeship is suitable for any young person with passion and drive.
Brief module overview.
End Point Assessment