New Bathroom Tony PEdrozo

I was standing in the hallway at my house by myself. I realized I had a big urge to use the bathroom really badly. I went in to the bathroom and noticed it was different. It was as if we upgraded it but only the toilet and the bath tub. The toilet and bath tub were both were both red and white marble color.

Although the shower curtain, walls, sinks, mirror, and floor were all the same as before. I noticed that while I was observing these new upgrades, I no longer had the urge to use the bathroom. It was only after I had noticed all of the new things that the urge returned to me. I used the toilet for so long. When I was done, I had the biggest feeling of relief I had ever felt in my life.

The Symbols:

My House: This place has been my sanctuary for many years. This is one of my favorite places to be in the world and this is where I have matured, grown, felt sad, felt mad, and felt happy. In my dream this could represent my love for my house since all I did was stand in a hallway and think. Thinking and appreciating all the good times I have had here in my childhood before I go to college.

My house

Red Toilet: This symbol in my dream could have meant that I was getting rid a lot of the waste in my life. I could have been doing this to make space for what could be coming in the future. I only have a few months left at high school, so this toilet could have been symbolizing getting rid of the bad things in the past to bring in the new that I will come upon.

Red Toilet

Red Bathtub: This symbol was similar to the meaning of the toilet. It could have meant that I am cleansing my self of the past and of what I am used to, to make myself clean and ready for what is to come in the future. In my dream I was not using the bathtub to actually cleanse myself, but I am sure it meant I had to clean myself.

The things in the bathroom that stayed the same: The floor, walls, sink, shower curtain, and mirror were the only things that stayed the same in the bathroom. This could symbolize that I am going to have new things in my life and I am about to enter a new stage in my life. However, there are still many things that I have learned in my childhood that I will need to keep to help me get through most of life. It could also symbolize that there are somethings in my life that will stay the same. There are somethings that I do not need to get rid of in order to go forward into my future.

Shower Curtain
Bathroom Floor
Bathroom Mirror
Bathroom Sink
Bathroom Wall

The Type of Dream:

This type of dream was the cognitive perspective dream. This dream provided me with important information as to what is happening in my life and to prepare me for what is to come. This dream provided me with many clues that there definitely will be change in my life coming. It could have been telling me that in order to get through what is coming for me, I have to let go of many of the things that I am holding on to here and to make space for what is to come. For these next few years are going to define my life and I need to be prepared for what is coming.

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