TMBS News February 2019

Bormio 2019

Taking 65 students and 4 non-skiing members of staff to Italy for a week on the slopes was always going to be interesting, but I can firmly hold my hand on my heart and say this was one of the best experiences in my career. The TMBS ski trip has been running for a number of years now and for anyone who has had the privilege of going on the trip will know that it’s a full-on trip from the moment you depart the gates to getting back 8 days later.

Having got the 26-hour bus journey out the way, students quickly got to grips with their new surroundings and threw themselves into a week of skiing with only a few minor injuries to contend with. You need your energy throughout the week and the food in the hotel was fantastic with a huge selection of Italian dishes (or just chips if you prefer…. mentioning no names). Once our day on the slopes was over, we enjoyed a range of evening activities that included swimming, a stealth bum boarding session, partying with the locals at the cultural evening, ice skating, a fancy-dress karaoke and the final night disco.

The behaviour and conduct of the students was exactly what I would expect from any TMBS trip, but the comments from the general public should not be overlooked. Everywhere we went people said how well-mannered and well behaved the students were, which made the week all the more enjoyable for those staff and myself. There really were too many highlights to list, but watching complete novice skiers glide all the way from the very top of the mountain (or Peak to Creak) has to be one of them. The hours of practice really did pay off and something all the students should be proud of.

Thank you to all the staff and students who made it an amazing week. I hope the students had as much fun as the staff did and their Bormio Adventure is one that remains an everlasting memory long after they leave the school. Mr Beckitt

Bormio 2019 was amazing! Even though the journey took a long time, it was quickly forgotten by the time we’d arrived and saw the fresh, powdery snow. After cold and exhausting days on the slopes, we all relaxed back at the hotel with refreshments and a game of Uno. The food at the hotel was delicious, lots of pizza was consumed by everyone! There were fresh pasta dishes and a cold buffet available for dinner - giving everyone lots of energy for the next day of skiing. Every evening there was a different activity for us to take part in such as: bum boarding, ice skating, karaoke and fancy dress night and a cultural night in Bormio (dancing with the locals). We all had a great time and everyone agreed it was the best school trip ever and won’t be forgotten... Amelia, Yr 9

Exam News


YEAR 11 – Core subjects: Tuesday 5th March through to Friday 8th March

YEAR 10 - Monday 11th March through to Friday 15th March

Timetables will be available mid-February. Why not prepare a mock revision timetable using a Google Sheets (Schedule)?


YEAR 11 SUMMER EXAMS - Entry timetables will be issued around the end of February, seated timetables after Easter. The school website will be constantly updated with exams information and you will be alerted of updates by email or text.

Parents’ evening on 14 February will be the final formal opportunity to discuss progress with class teachers – we look forward to seeing you then.


Thank you to those KS3 students who entered the attendance post card competition – winners will be announced through tutors, and post cards for excellent and improved attendance should start to be issued after Easter.

Our overall school attendance is 96% - this is ‘EXCELLENT’ but we like to aim high and would love our attendance at the end of year to hit our target of 97%. We hope that you continue to support us in our endeavours.

Attendance Reminder

  • Please remember to call in on each day of absence when your child is off school.
  • Please contact your child’s tutor or head of year if you feel that your child is missing too much school – interventions may help.
  • Please contact us if you have any concerns about your child’s attendance.

Year 11 Revision timetables

For information, below are the Year 11 after school and holiday revision timetables. These are also available on the school website at: http://www.tmbs.leics.sch.uk/UsefulInfo/Exams/

Multi-Use Games Area -Update

Thank you for all your support in helping us raise money for our Multi Use Games Area (MUGA). I am pleased to tell you our current total stands at £28,000, a fantastic amount, but as you know, we have a way to go.

We are able to break the costs down into phases of work, making the £200,000 total cost seem less daunting:

  • Phase 1: Groundworks to include all excavation, edging, sub base, binder level and further levelling to a usable standard = £65,000
  • Phase 2: Laying of top layer using an appropriate multi use games surface to include markings and fixtures = £80,000
  • Phase 3: Landscaping, fencing, seating & connecting steps = Approximately £50,000

We know this simple space will make a huge difference to our students being able to enjoy play-spaces that are fit for purpose all year round, both in PE lessons and during their very valuable free time. Our bid for “Sugar Tax” government funding was not successful, but we are currently in conversation with the FA, who support sites with constructing state of the art artificial surface football facilities for both the school and community use.

All your support and advice would be warmly welcomed, as we continue to work hard towards improving the facilities on offer to all students who attend TMBS.

Kind regards, Claire Flannery, Assistant Principal and Stephen Humphreys, Head of Physical Education

Tunnock's Teacake Challenge

Year 10 food and nutrition students recently took part in the Tunnock's teacake challenge. Students were tasked with producing a plate with a focus on the presentation of a Tunnock's Teacake with the judges looking for the most stunning plate created. Mrs Wallace and Mr Palmer judged the competition and Summer was chosen as the winner. Summer has now been entered as our representative of the school for the nationwide competition, where marks will be given for creativity; presentation; skills and adding balance to the plate. Well done Summer, and good luck in the national competition. Here is her wonderfully styled teacake where she made her own sugar work and raspberry coulis.

Drama Showcase

On 4th February the Year 11 GCSE Drama students performed in their final dress rehearsal before their final component 3 exam. Parents were treated to some amazing performances that truly showcased some of the amazing talent that we have at TMBS. Well done, thank you for all of the hard work and commitment and good luck!

Berlin trip 2020

Students currently in Year 9 will soon be receiving information about an upcoming trip to Berlin and Auschwitz. The trip is due to take place in April 2020 so look out for further information coming soon.

Wellbeing Workshops

Sunrise Wellbeing are offering a series of workshops for parents/carers and young people focusing on issues such as: self-esteem, social media, body image, anxiety, anger, friendship and confidence. Details on how to book onto the sessions can be found below:

News from the PE department

Firstly, thank you to staff, students and parents for their warm welcome, I am thrilled to have taken on the role of Head of Physical Education at The Market Bosworth School.

My transition into the role has been made all the easier thanks to the experienced and dedicated staff we have in the department. As a department we have had a very busy half term with clubs and fixtures taking place every day, and a number of students participating for the first time. Fixtures have mainly been in badminton and basketball, although we have had success in indoor athletics, hockey and futsal. A special mention to the Girls' U13 Table Tennis team who won their regional event at Grantham earlier in the half term and thank you to Mr Black for giving up his Saturday to support the girls on their quest for success, best of luck in the next round. Well done to all who have represented the school and participated this half term, and a reminder that the weekly extra-curricular timetable is available on the school website and read out each morning to students via the student bulletin.

As part of a new initiative, each half term we aim to update parents/carers on specific groups that we teach, to give you more of an insight into physical education at TMBS. I hope you enjoy reading the articles.

Yours in sport, Mr S Humphreys

  • Group: 9A (1) & 9B (1) Mr Miller
  • Activities: Fitness & Running

I have had a thoroughly enjoyable cross country and fitness block. From crisp morning runs taking in the countryside views of Market Bosworth, Far Coton, Carlton and Cadeby, to name a few, to high intensity interval training and circuit training in the activity centre.

This half term Year 9 have taken part in options evening. A high number of students in these two groups are passionate about sport and PE and want Physical Education to be something they study as a KS4 student at The Market Bosworth School. With this in mind, alongside the physical element of PE, students have been learning some of the key concepts needed in the theory component of GCSE PE and vCert Health and Fitness: labelling and identifying the major bones and muscles (some liked this hands on sticky label challenge more than expected), the immediate effects of exercise of on our different systems, aerobic and anaerobic respiration, resting and maximum heart rate, different methods of training and components of fitness. We have even introduced some exam command words. Whilst getting changed 9A were given the question, which requires more skill football or rugby? After 1 mile students were given the opportunity to explain their belief and asked to provide practical examples to back up their explanation. Some of these students should be ambassadors for sport, the quality of their responses was outstanding; Tristan, Alex and Angus to highlight only a few.

Resilience in sport and also in life is such a fundamental characteristic to develop, as humans we experience failure and pain, but having the mindset to be determined and persevere I feel is such an important message sport can bring to young children.

“The gated road is a lovely first mile, downhill to the first gate it can lull you into a false sense of security, then when you touch the gate and turn around it seems a little harder. Once you have covered the first up-hill half of the mile, the climb begins: legs burning, lungs on fire, breathing heavier. Your legs want you to stop, your mind is telling you to just stop and walk a little, but our challenge was not to stop. So I didn’t, I was resilient. I achieved the goal Mr Miller set me and achieved the goal I set myself; it was hard, but I felt good afterwards.” Bertie

Throughout our running lessons in particular Bertie, Quinnan, Angus, Tristan and Alex have been consistently the lead runners, demonstrating their phenomenal fitness prowess. Lucca has excelled in both his fitness and cross country lessons and has shown a great appetite for the theoretical side of Physical Education.

Well done on all your hard work, effort, determination and resilience. You have all consistently been excellent representatives of The Market Bosworth School while running in the surrounding villages. I hope you continue to keep your fitness levels at their highest levels.

  • Group: 10/1 GCSE PE Mr Humphreys
  • Activities: Handball/Trampolining/Badminton

During this half term students in the group have been studying the muscular system and movement analysis in their theory lessons, and handball/trampolining and badminton in their practical lessons. Students have used their understanding of muscles and antagonistic pairs to describe movements that take place at different joints in the body and applying their understanding to sporting examples. These sporting examples have provided useful to understand one of the more challenging topics in the course, movement analysis, a topic that has moved from the A-Level PE specification. This has been a particular highlight of the half term which included delivering the content using jelly babies and cocktail sticks, however, some students thought the sweets were a reward and proceeded to eat them prior to the task!

The students have shown tremendous attitude this half term, there have been some very cold conditions for handball lessons outside, however, this has not shirked their efforts. Additionally, Miss Armstrong has been very impressed with the quality of the trampolining from a number of girls in her group, Paris, Mae and Bethan to highlight a few.

There have been several fantastic results in end of unit tests with the vast majority of students achieving well above their target grades including a number of students (Will, Ollie, Paris, Mae, Keira, Bethan and Jess) consistently achieving Grade 8/9, all of whom have received postcards home in recognition of their outstanding effort.

Harrison has made significant progress during this half term, and Joe and Fin have displayed great dedication by making significant progress in their end of unit assessments.

Finally, a special mention to Sam and Jack who are continuously improving, and working well with peers to support their learning during group tasks in theory lessons. This example of students going above and beyond has been reflected in their very positive end of unit assessment results.

Well done for all your hard work during this half term; after the break we’ll be focussing on preparation for the mock examinations on all topics covered to date.

  • Group: 7a (1) Mrs Donlan
  • Activity: Trampolining

Students have been working at a pace that caters for their ability and needs within trampolining. Some students have been working on some of the basic skills to begin with, like tuck, straddle, pike, seat landing, with Mrs Donlan looking for quality in these skills and others very quickly moved onto showcasing their more advanced skills, flying through, front landing, back landing, combining these movements and onto somersaults.

Mrs Donlan got very excited when pretty much the whole of the top trampoline group were already able to front and back somersault and beyond. The mat was thrown in to check their level of control, but it was soon very clear to see that there were some very strong trampoliners in this group.

Ella has particularly impressed with her range and quality of skills on the trampoline, but equally, Khara, Grace, Ruby, Bella, Izzy, Violet and Charlotte are all working on GCSE PE level routines and doing a fantastic job. Katy, Noemi and Grace have all shown some real progress so far. Floss, Polly, Maisie, Izzy, Lily, Bee, Molly, Ebony and Polly are all working extremely hard to master their front landings and develop these into combinations, showing excellent resilience.

Well done for all your hard work and determination during this half term, Mrs Donlan is looking forward to moving on to Field Games.

  • Group: 8a (1) Ms Armstrong
  • Activities: Gymnastics – Winter Olympics Show dance

All Year 8 girls’ groups have been working on a Winter Olympics Show dance. This has incorporated some sports acrobatics and cheer leading. At the end of the block students will hopefully perform their completed show in front of members of staff or their peers.

This group have been particularly impressive and imaginative in their sports acrobatic elements of the performance. The students who have mainly choreographed their own work with very little input include: Poppy, Evie, Isabella, Georgia, Isobel and Olivia. This group have also created some beautiful Ice Dance Freeze frames.

Ocean, Maisie, Sophie and Charlotte have produced some very impressive lifts and dismounts in the sports acrobatic section as well as some creative Ice Dance Freeze Frames. Alice, Aela, Alanna and Ellen used a bobsleigh stimulus whilst Jess, Akina, Grace and Hollie have utilised ski jumping.

We currently have one more lesson to complete the medal ceremony and perfect the performance before we open our doors to members of teaching staff and students who are available to watch the final performance. I have been really impressed with the work ethic and attitude of this group. They have been an absolute pleasure to teach.

Well done for all your hard work during this half term, looking forward to moving on to fitness and running in preparation for the Athletics season.

  • Group: 8a (1) Mr Black
  • Activities: Running

As with all of the boys’ groups in Key Stage 3, we have been running off site, enjoying the beautiful countryside around Market Bosworth. We use footpaths and trails, along with some of the quiet country lanes. The focus has been to run for around 40 minutes at a steady pace. With the combination of both muscular and cardiovascular endurance and the addition of mental strength the boys have been able to achieve this aim.

Our first two runs took us across the fields to Carlton and back, around three miles. The fields were fairly dry as this was before the rain of recent weeks. The group's ability was clearly shown from the outset with very close packing from front to back, around fifteen metres covering the whole group.

Our next run was towards Far Coton, and back to Bosworth across some very muddy fields. Our third and fourth runs took us to Sutton Cheney on the Leicestershire Round, and Far Coton on the canal tow path. Both decent runs of around 4 miles.

The leaders of the group had to run within themselves so as not to leave the slower ones behind, this was difficult for them, but an important skill if they are going to train in a group environment. Consistently up there were Isaac, Matthew, Patrick, and Rees.

As I write this we have one more run to do before we move on to other activities. I shall miss our runs together, they are a delightful group of boys and sometimes it’s easy to miss the fact that I’m getting paid to go out for a run with them. I’m very fortunate.

Guest article:

On Saturday 19th January, four Year 8 girls represented Leicestershire at the schools’ under 13s table tennis zone finals. We played against 3 other teams: Robert Bloomfield Academy, Shefford; Kesteven and Grantham Girls’ School; and Benjamin Britten Music Academy, Lowestoft.

Everyone played really well and we were victorious, winning our games 8-0, 7-1, and 5-3. It was a great day and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. We will go on to represent the 4 counties on the 10th February.

Alice, Year 8

  • Table Tennis latest news!

I am proud and so pleased to report that the girls' U13 team won the regional stage of Table Tennis England's National Schools Team Championships and, as a result, will join the winners of the other 3 similar regional events in the Finals to be held in Hinckley on 23rd March.

They played very steadily throughout - beating a North Yorkshire School 5-3 in the first match, then a West Yorkshire School 6-2 in the second, before playing Wade Deacon from Cheshire who had also won 2 matches. They won 5-3.

The team of Alice, Maisie, Eppie and Aela are, I believe, the first Leicestershire girls' team to reach a National Schools' Final and only the Guthlaxton College boys' team a few years ago preceded them in recent times.

Alice, Maisie and Eppie play in the Leicester Development League for Barwell George Ward - and did well this year. They started playing at St Peter's Primary School in Market Bosworth and have moved on together to TMBS.

All the team played very well - winning the ones they were expected to and gaining the odd unexpected one - in this instance the old adage that it's the strength of the whole team was true as Aela - the number 4 - won all her matches - a brilliant achievement.

They are a really super set of girls really supporting each other and also well supported by parents and, of course, both current and previous schools. We hope there will be local support for them on 23rd March; I will definitely be there.

The Chairman of Leicestershire Schools' Table Tennis

Street Dance experience

On 31st January Miss Alex from Inspiration Dance Academy (www.inspirationdanceaccademy.co.uk) came in to run a Street/Commercial Dance taster session. Great fun was had by all that attended and well done, it was a fast paced session, but all did really well.

Golfing Award

Congratulations to Year 9 student, Frazer for recently receiving a prestigious golfing award. Frazer, who plays at Lingdale Golf Club, attended the Leicestershire & Rutland Golf Union first ever Junior Presentation Evening. The event was held at Longcliffe Golf Club and L&RGU Junior Tournament prize winners were presented with their trophies, a certificate and a county tie. There was also a special prize for Junior Player of the Year which Frazer received, recognising his achievements in 2018. Well done Frazer, from all at TMBS.

Play for Cuba

“Play for Cuba”, is a charity who collect unused musical instruments for use in schools in Cuba as they are in short supply. To support this appeal, the music department at TMBS is donating a lot of instruments to make space for two new practice rooms. This will help cater for the increasing popularity for the subject within school as well as leasing new life into instruments that have not been played in a long time.

Food, glorious food

Mr Palmer and his catering team continue to tantalise the taste buds of staff and students alike with an array of wonderful aromas often wafting down the corridors. Our themed menu days continue to be extremely popular, the most recent one being Chinese New Year, where over 230 meals were consumed!

Food allergies and special diets are catered for and if you would like to amend your child's daily allowance, Mr Palmer would be happy to arrange this. As always, we would ask that you regularly check your child's catering balance is in credit to ensure they are able to enjoy the delicious options on offer.

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