Chance the Rapper's suit Who made made chance the rapper's amazing suit at the GRAMMY's?

Chance the Rapper is a great artist who has the love for music and just recently won three Grammy awards at the 2017 Grammy's. He also has a great attire that he wears to the Grammy's, but where does he get that style for clothes, especially his signature “3” hat?

Chance the Rapper has a great taste for clothes, so we are all asking who made his suit? At the Grammy's he was wearing a custom Thom Browne suit. He worked with the designer to create his gray Japanese denim Harrington jacket and matching pants that read as a cool take on a traditional tuxedo.

The one thing Chance the Rapper wouldn't and couldn't go to the Grammy's without was his Signature “3” hat. This hat represents when he used to go to high school he would always wear a baseball cap, but when he got to school it would be taken away. So he wears his hat as a rebellion and to show he is the new era. When the hat first came out in October it was sold out in 24 hours.

Also Chance the Rapper won 3 Grammy's for being the best new artist, having the best rap performance, and having the best rap album. So obviously, Chance the Rapper is a very good rap artist. One of the favorite parts of him being a rapper he says that “For me, performing is the biggest part of being a rapper. There's nothing like the feeling of screaming your story to people.”

So you have learned a lot about Chance the Rapper, maybe you'll start to like him or listen to his music. Maybe you can even go deeper and learn more about him, the choose is yours.

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