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This course has been very instructive and helpful. It really helped me to place myself in the position of the students, and experiment how they feel when ask to produce creative media, representing themselves using digital tools. It was hard to adapt the assignments to my particular situation (I don’t teach graphic design, and the my assignments are basically written papers or oral presentations, so there are not creative woks so show in places like behance, and similar), but working through the course’s assignments force me to find “creative” ages of the work that I do, and seeing my own creative life from a different perspective.

The tools that were introduced in the course (Adobe Spark, Illustrator, InDesign, ePortfolio), are great tools to create amazing things, and with some time and dedication, you can do incredible things with them. I will have to trust students more in the sense of letting them to actually know more than me when using these tools for our course’s assignments. But if I can transmit a vivid enthusiasm for creating very impacting work, I think that students will take my lead and be the best they can be.

I believe that assessment should be use more than anything to help students to improve in the skills that we are trying to show them (I don’t think we actually “teach” anything). The options for giving feedback presented in the course are very good to foster personal grown beyond a grade.


Almost done. For me this assignment wasn't something new. I have been using digital voice for assessment for few years now (I actually use Voicethread), but I never used Adobe Spark video to provide feedback to my students. I decided to use my own ePorfolio to create an Spark video offereing feeback. I wanted to say more than I did, but the app forces you to be very short and direct (10 seconds go very fast). It will be very good to use it to give students specific feedback on specific points. It will really help me to not to take too long to talk about their work, a time that I don't have, anyway.

I could see how students can actually use Adobe Spark video also to provide feedback to their peers. Since Spark is so easy to use, with a very short demonstration, students will be able to create their own videos with valuable information. My field is Spanish, so there is a lot of activities I could develop using Spark video. And I will. :-)


I have to say this assignment was challenging. I have been working on it for several weeks; I am very behind in my projects. Using Adobe ePorfolio was more difficult than I expected. I have to start my ePorfolio several times because I couldn't figure out how to edit each section individually. I looked at many samples, and I was very inspired by them. I have a good idea of what I could do with my limited creative work (I don't have a career in graphic design -I teach literature and language), but I do have some project that qualify as "creative".

I could see how students might get as frustrated as me working with Adobe ePortfolio. For sure I have more patience than my students. I will need to find a way to teach them how to use Adobe ePorfolio so they get the basic tools faster than me.

Anyway, this is my "work in progress" e-portfolio. https://inmapertusa.myportfolio.com


OK. I just want to spend the rest of the semester learning Illustrator. It is AMAZING! I just wish I had better ideas. I could see how my students would love working with it to design a logo for their CV, creating very professional looking logos. I had to forget Photoshop somehow while using Illustrator. I wanted to crop the area after designing the logo, but I couldn't figure out how to do it. So I just exported the image to png, and then crop it.

With the logo, I wanted something simple, like the CV, with some color (only the colors of the Mexican flag). I wanted to add an image of the plant that reference the name "malinalli", so I looked for it...and I found that there are a lot of people already using the name Malinalli in a logo. It was hard to forget about all those designs after that and create mine!


I am thinking about the design for a killer CV I could create for this week's assignment. I am having trouble "downsizing" all the content that I usually incorporate in my 10 pages CV. I really liked seeing all the very creative Resumes examples in Behance, but those will not work with the type of CV I need to have in my field. So for this assignment instead of trying to adapt my CV to a graphical "killer CV", I will just work on a mook Resume to practice with InDesign. I sill would like to edit my current CV and make it more creative, and I will do it, but during the summer time, when I have more time for it.

In one of the courses I teach, students have to create their own Resume. I give them very traditional examples of Resumes, but I will change this assignment next time I teach the course, showing them examples of graphic Resumes, and challenging them to do something similar. I have started a collection Behance with Resumes in Spanish (it is a Spanish Business course). I believe students will be very receptive to do something more creative in the course.


Allright. I don't keep up with journals at all, but I am going to give it a try for this Edex Adobe course. Good luck to me!

I completed the headshot assignment. I took a portrait picture of a friend from Mexico City trying to connect her character with the city. I placed the Mexican flag on the background and got very close to her. I was happy with the effect, and the composition, so it was a great picture to work with pretending it is for FaceBook. Working with Photoshop, I clean out some "age spots" and gave the picture a little bit of contrast. I wanted to add the vignette effect, but I couldn't find it in Photoshop CC. I got fustrated with that. A lot. Then I got even more fustrated trying to upload the image to Behance. I just couldn't do it without creating a Portfolio. I just wanted to upload the image so I can share it with everyone in the course. I don't have a lot of time tonight to work on Behance, so I am just going to add it to the assignment as an independent file. Sorry for that.

My takeaways from this lesson, besides learning that size matters a lot and that different social media requires different size pictures (I was happy to read about that in all the great resources given in the lesson!), I learned that patience when working with new tools also comes in different sizes. If I were a student strying to complete this assignment in the last minute, I would probably leave it incomplete (as many of my students do), because it required more time that I anticipated (and that I actually had). What it seemed to be an easy task, came to be more involved. I would take this lesson to heart and make sure that I talk to my students about the false pre-conception that easy things could get done faster. It is not the case always.


Inma Pertusa WKU

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