Sweden By Nate King

Scenery and Cities

Stockholm is the Capital city in Sweden. This is one of the most visited cities in Sweden mostly because of its scenery.


This is one of the most famous landmarks in Sweden. This building is called the "Turning Torso". Its known by its twist in the middle. Here are some more landmarks.

Vasa Museum


The Swedish language is a very cool language to know. I think it would be hard to learn without a ton of practice. But some people think its simple to learn and speak.


The main religion in Sweden is the Christian religion. This is a picture of St. Jacob's Church in Stockholm Sweden.


One of the most popular foods in Sweden is there Swedish meatballs. You cant go to Sweden without eating these. There pretty good. I've never been to Sweden but I've tried them.


Sweden's main sport is Football (Soccer). There not the best team but there okay in my opinion. Football is a huge sport in Sweden.

Swedish music is very similar to the music we listen to, just in Swedish. A common style is Folk.

The traditional clothing for Sweden is similar to other country's clothing. Its very old fashion looking but still very unique.


Sweden has a Representative Democracy system in there country. There head of states are Carl Gustaf and Stefan Lofven.


Sweden's history is a very wide range of events. Some of the main events that happened in Sweden are, the first settlers came somewhere around the 6000 B.C. , when Christianity was introduced somewhere around 1000 A.D. , 1814 when Sweden gained Norway from Denmark, and when Sweden lost Finland to Russia in 1809.


In World War 1 and 2, Sweden had no activity. They were neutral. The only war Sweden was really active in was there own civil war against Denmark and this was from 1521-1523. Sweden is never really involved in any wars at all.

Famous people from sweden

Surprisingly there are a lot of famous people in Sweden. Here are some of the people you might know from Sweden.

Zlatan Ibrahimvomic (Soccer player)
Britt Ekland (Actress)
Peter Fosberg (Hockey Player)

There are many important people in Sweden's history like war generals or people from the government. Some people are,

King Gustav Vasa ( Founder of Sweden)
Johan Baner (Field Marshal)

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