Kristina "Krissy" Salvagin 10 December 1997-now

Over recent years my hair has decided to be many different colors; my hair is naturally a dark brown but gets lighter in the summer because of the sun. This past summer my hair lightened so much that it turned blonde (I did not dye my hair blonde). My hair has a natural wave/curl to it and I tend to let it stay natural.

I've been riding horses for 12 years. My horse's name is Ace. His name comes from the fact that I enjoy playing poker with my dad.

I have owned Ace for 6 years and have trained him to jump by myself. Ace used to be a race horse, and still enjoys running at high speeds.

Another activity I enjoy doing with my dad is shooting. He is a 4H shotgun shooting coach in Orangeburg SC for the Mid-Carolina Shooting Range. My brother also shoots, and is the VP of the Clemson Shotgun Team.

I also enjoy baking. I have been baking ad decorating cakes by hand since I was in middle school. I have sold some cakes for birthdays, baptisms, graduations, and other celebratory situations. I get my passion for baking from my Grandmother.

When it came time to decide on a college, it was between Clemson and Culinary School.

I am currently a freshman at Clemson University and am a double major in Accounting and Financial Management.

In high school, I competed in accounting by participating in FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) and placed first in both district and state level competitions. I also graduated from high school with a major in Accounting.

One thing that I am involved in on campus is the women's choir; I also participated in choir when I was in high school.

Being in choir has introduced me to many friends whom share my love of music. I am a first soprano (which means I sing the really high notes).

I love my Family, and I enjoy spending all the time that I can with them. This is made a little easier since my brother is also a Clemson student and doesn't live very far away from me.

"Happiness" to me is anytime spent with friends, family, animals, at the beach, or being in the country. I'm a country girl at heart and could drive down backroads with the windows down and music playing all the time.

To me, the ultimate goal in life is to be surrounded by people I love and to live out any "clique" country song.


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