5 Christmas (A great celebration !)

All over the planet, people celebrate Christmas. Everybody knows the date: it is on December, 25th. In the USA, the Americans don't say "Christmas", but "Santa Claus".

Watch the video (6.57) and do the activity on your paper !

Christmas at home

People decorate the living room. Decorations are a Christmas tree with electric lights (= tinsels), a star , the presents and candles ! On the fire-place, people hang stockings ! All is beautiful !

Decorations outside

People can decorate outside their home !

At night, it is very beautiful !

"Waooooooooooow ! Merry Christmas, everyone ! "

Now Father Christmas can come in his sleigh and with his deers !

Christmas dinner in the world

People don't have the same food in the world ! What do people have in the USA ? In the British Isles ? Do the exercise on your paper !!!

Christmas dinner in the British Isles and the X'mas dinner in the USA

Not really different ! But in the British Isles, there is the famous "pudding" for dessert.

Christmas in Australia !

Christmas in Australia is not cold ! The seasons are reversed, so it is summer in Australia when in Europe it is winter ! The Australians have a barbecue on the beach for Christmas !

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