Did you know that Hurricane Katrina did 100 billion in damage in new orleans that is a lot of money. did you know that six times new orleans has been flooded by A Hurricane. If I lived in new orleans I would have moved out a long time ago. I fell bad for all of them 500,000 people did not have access to a car and could not get out of new orleans.But luckily almost 80 percent of the city’s population had evacuated.

when the hurricane come some 10,000 had sought shelter in the Super dome. Did you know that they had to shut the doors to the super dome because there was to manny people.without cars or anyplace else to go, were stuck. For instance, some people tried to walk over the Crescent City Connector bridge to the nearby suburb of Gretna, but they could not cross. While tens of thousands of others chose to wait out the storm at home.

nearly 80 percent of the city was under some quantity of water. Some areas received one foot of flooding while others were submerged by more than 10 feet of water. You would have to be a very good at swimming to get out of that.I wonder how long it took the water to get out of the city. The Coast Guard, for instance, rescued some 34,000 people in New Orleans alone out of the water

Over all the hurricane did a lot to new Orleans. It decrease by 254,502 people and a loss of over half of the city’s population. Deaths of at least 986 Louisiana residents.Nearly half of all victims were over the age of 74. And it was only the 3rd strongest hurricaneever recorded to make landfall in the US.


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