Articles of Confederation Shayna Sorkin

Before It All

The French and Indian war has ended and sadly the British have won. Leadership has since been on a loop and taxes have been unbearable. The citizens of this colony are ravenous, tarring and feathering the rich, and creating riots in the streets. It's only a matter of time before the fight for independence will become deadly.

The Beginning

"The Shot Heard Around the World" is now the most used phrase since the start of the revolution, the Boston Massacre. It was feared to be deadly, and everyone was right to be afraid. The French have joined the colonists in the fight for independence from Britain and they will soon advance to Yorktown.


Though it may seem as though the inevitable is near in the colonists' defeat, I feel a sort of confidence in our skills. Since the French has joined us, we've gained a strength we've never had before. I'm hoping we'll pull through.

Predictions 2

Winning this war would be an amazing triumph for the books. If we do win maybe a form of government will be arranged. It would be nice to have order around here. Taxes are blinding us as a colony and we need to feel safe.


How would the children of the future generations react to this violence? I'm not even sure how half of the population right now is reacting. Will the colonies unite? I'm hoping so, we need unity and maybe we can expand westward.

George Washington

The continental army is lead by George Washington, a powerful general who lead during the French and Indian War. He's leading our troops now in the war for independence. I'm hoping he will become the leader for our colony if we win. We're beyond grateful for the things he's done for our colony and what he's doing now to protect us.

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson is rather quiet when it comes to his opinions on our government. He's a part of the House of Burgesses in the Virginia colony. Him and George Washington are close, but not close at the same time. I hope they come together to make a plan of government. They seem to make the best team. Only time will tell ;)

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