The Murder of John Lennon


December 8th was the death of a beloved singer John Lennon. His fans and family will miss him dearly, although they will not miss chapman the man who killed a legend of his time.The murder of John Lennon in 1980 has affected American culture.


John Lennon a former singer for The Beatles was murdered by a man named Mark David Chapman. (here is where I got it) The murder was in Manhattan, New York city, December 8th 1980. ( hi) Chapman's motive was for fame, and or he "would become somebody {...}" (hi) The set up was simple, he bought a gun without any bullets knowing he could get some form ones of his friends that was a cop. (hi) The relationships between the two are that he is a crazed fan and John is just John they really don't know one another. (hi)


This case became important to the people who knew John. His fans for instance, some committed suicide. Some say it was was the end of the era.(hi) John Lennon was targeted by chapman for his fame, he was also upset about Lennon saying "The Betals are bigger than Jesus."(hi) When Chapman murdered Lennon it was nothing more then fame, he thought he would get "Instant notoriety, fame." (hi) His purpose was just pure selfishness and greed, he also just wonted to be noticed and loved. (hi)


After chapman shot Lennon eight times in front of Lennon's wife, Chapman had no intentions of running or trying to except. Chapman's sentence was twenty years in prison, He was held at a high security jail on Riker's island. (hi) Mark David Chapman was released in 2000. (hi) He is still alive and 59 years old. (Hi)

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