Russia Karina And iZzy


  • Russia is in the continent of Asia
  • Population is 142,470,272
  • Capital city is Moscow
  • They speak Russian
  • Their religion is Russia,Orthdox,Muslim,and Christian


Made from bucketwheat flour, topped with goodies ranging from butter and sour cream to pickled fish and caviar.

Russian pickles

Russians have made pickling a high art, perserving beets, cucumbers, mushrooms, and other fruits of the land for a taste summer in the cold grip of winter.


These dough or buns come stuffed with ingredients that include cheese, fish, meats, mushrooms, and potatoes.

Russian orthodox Christmas is celebrated two weeks later than in Catholic countries.

Easter is a very popular holiday in Russia in commemoration of the resurrection of Jesus. Easter has no fixed date it is helped on the first Sunday after the date of the first full moon that occurs on or after March 21st.

Valentine's Day is recently borrowed but very popular holiday of lovers and friends.


Created with images by flowcomm - "Russian flag flying on board boat on the Volga River" • insatiablemunch - "Beef Blini" • goodiesfirst - "bear pickles" • leighklotz - "Russian bake sale" • jessicafm - "Kimo's & Russell's party" • Tatters ❀ - "Happy Easter!"

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