The French Revolution By Nathan nezbeth and adrian gray

Take a trip with us as we go back into the past....
On July 14th 1789 after rumors that the king was planning a military coup on the National Assembly. In order to protect their city the people stormed the Bastille prison for gunpowder, they fought until the prison surrendered.
Following the storming of Bastille a great fear troubled the people of France in 1789.
The women's march on Versailles took place on the fifth of October 1789. Parisian women stormed Versailles demanding that Louis XVI ended the nationwide food storage and that the royal family return to paris with them.
The tennis court oath took place in 1789. It was a pledge made by the National Assembly, they promised to continue meeting until a new constitution was drawn up.
Between 1793-1794 thousands of people were executed for disloyalty. Peasants and opposers of sans culottes were executed.
Frances heavy involvement in the American revolution, its debt, the refusal of the nobility, and the clergy to pay taxes, and high food costs
The revolution lead to many wars and the end of the monarchy.
King Louis XVI was executed in the year 1793 prior to being convicted of conspiracy with foreign powers. He was sentenced to death by the national convention of France.
The French Revolution drastically changed the lives of everybody in the country. For those in the nobility they faced the chance of death and imprisonment. Peasants faced bad economic conditions, many people in between nobility and peasantry lived a more comfortable life.
The third estate was not really taken serious anymore in the government due to all of the discontent towards them in the years leading up to the revolution.
Peasants lost control and began to break into the manors of nobles to destroy papers that bounded them to pay feudal dues.
During this time in France the country went through many riots, protests, and caos all in search of liberty, equality, and democracy.
Created By
Nate Nezbeth


Created with images by ajleon - "When in doubt, storm the gates. #bastille" • Biblioteca Rector Machado y Nuñez - "El mariscal Moncey en la barrera de Clichy." • dalbera - "La salle du Trône (Château de Fontainebleau)" • Biblioteca Rector Machado y Nuñez - "Batalla de Bautzen..." • Biblioteca Rector Machado y Nuñez - "Batalla de Bautzen..." • Biblioteca Rector Machado y Nuñez - "Combate del general Exelmans contra la caballería prusiana de Rocquencourt."

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