The Space Race Jett Karels

The space race began in 1957 and went all the way to 1975

One cause of the space race was the Cold War between the Soviet Union and the United States, the most powerful countries after WW2

Both these countries were competing to be the number one world leader so space was a critical area for battle

The space race started when Russia sent Sputnik into space and the first man into space. This kind of worried the U.S. citizens because it got them thinking if they can send people and satilielits into space they can send nuclear weapons into space and destroy us.

It also show that Russia had better educated students to send people into space, and that is something the U.S. was falling behind in

The United States and the U.S.S.R tried to show the world its dominance in space travel and roocketry. At the end of the Cold War they both agreed to build a space station and pursue other joint ventures into space. A venture that began in fear and hatred and now started a great partenership.
The Space Race began to become a symbol of a political war between to world powers
The united sTates had different military and ciVilian agencies. Only the military ones were secret but the public civilians onEs were highly advertised in newsparers and The new television
Neil Armstrong was the commander of apolo 11 which was the first spacecraft with humans to land successfully on the moon. He was the first man to set foot on the moon and after that he became declared the Deputy Associate Administartor of Aeronautics at NASA
"That's one small step for man, one giant leap for humanity"

Conclusion- technology in aerospace engineering and electronic communication advanced a lot in this period. The effects of space engineering for the race went way beyond rocketry, physics, and astronomy. "Space age technology" to fields and different as home economics forest defoliation studies. Lao the desire to win the race changed the ways in which student learned there sciences.

Althought the Pace of space exploration Has slowed we be still make Huge advancements in space exploration.


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