Household Items & Their pH | Damaris Castro | Melissa SNider | Taneia Lomack |

Name: Olive Oil

Description: Greenish, smells like oranges

pH: 8 (Base)

Name: Apple Cider Vinegar

Description: Greenish, GROSS

pH: 3 (Acid)

Name: Ketchup

Description: Red, smells like tomatoes

pH: 6 (Acid)

Name: Orange Juice

Description: Orange, smells sweet and acidic

pH: 6 (Acid)

Name: Milk of Magnesia

Description: White, smells like clay

pH: 9 (Base)

Name: Stomach Relief

Description: Pink, thick, smells minty

pH: 7 (Neutral)

Name: Baking Powder

Description: White, no smell

pH: 9 (Base)

Name: (Regular) Coffee

Description: Dark, smells strong

pH: 6 (Acid)

Name: Coffee (With Creamer)

Description: Light colored, smells sweet and like coffee

pH: 7 (Neutral)

Name: Vanilla Extract

Description: Dark, smells sweet and gross

pH: 5 (Acid)

Name: Lysol Cleaner

Description: Yellow, smells clean

pH: 10 (Base)

Name: Lemon Juice

Description: Orange yellow, smells really sour

pH: 1 (Acid)

Name: Taco Bell Hot Sauce

Description: Orange, smells spicy

pH: 6 (Acid)

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