Students help curb the spread of coronavirus on campus with audio public service announcements The fight is not over

Students in a spring, 2021 multimedia storytelling class at North Carolina A&T State University produced and edited public service announcements to persuade their peers to wear masks, social distance, and frequently wash their hands to prevent catching the virus.
Listen to the PSAs. Click on names.
The PSAs were based on CDC guidelines and followed health communication research recommendations that concluded that the messaging should be framed around positivity and "I care about you. We are in this together." The PSAs may have more impact toward changing student behavior because the messages come from fellow students who have experienced many of the same challenges that their classmates have experienced related to coronavirus.

Photos by Caroline Jones and Kaye Hayes were taken before coronavirus struck, and the resulting need for masks and social distancing.

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For more information about the PSAs, contact Dr. Smith at kcsmith1@ncat.edu.

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