Conchitas, Bolívar Iván a. Alvarado - Sara G. Mantilla

My hometown is Conchitas. It is a peaceful and traditional town also is very sunny and small. However, Guane is bigger and colder than Conchitas. Guane, is a historical and quiet town.

I think that Conchitas people are happier than Guane people, because Conchitas borders the river. But the Guane people are happier than Barichara people, because here, the parties take place in the town.

In Conchitas, the commerce is with cows and in Guane with crafts. But the commerce in Barichara is the best, because in this place, sell two things.

Barichara offers dishes as Caldo, Mute, Pepitoria, Cabro, and many others. In Guane, the food is similar, because Guane is famous for its Cabro.

In my opinion, the food in Conchitas is the most delicious because there exists more typical dishes than in Guane and Barichara.

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