Experience at the Florida Museum of Natural History Amrita Sumal

Nature on Display

at the Buttefly Exhibit

The Butterfly exhibit was very appealing to me because it was a very colorful and realistic habitat for butterflies. There was a museum worker out there with butterflies showing us the different kinds, with a bunch of people gathered around. I understood how butterflies behave in their natural habitats. They basically will fly onto anything thats not moving. I would not have been able to learn that through a textbook or internet site. My experience was enjoyable because I am a huge fan of nature, so I loved it.

Nature and Ethics

The museum definitely helped me appreciate the exhibits in the museum like Leopold describes, however, it is not the same thing, because I was not actually out there in nature, I was only in a museum. I love the museum, and I felt happy as walking down through it. My friend who I was with, Preston, was kind of bored by it, but found some things in it fascinating like the frog exhibit. It allowed visitors to connect with nature by telling us descriptively what is going on in the exhibits, almost making us feel like we are a part of the exhibit too. It did instill an ethical responsibility.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The museum makes us step out of our ordinary lives, by specifically showing us the different habitats of Florida. To me, that reminded me of times where I visited several different habitats around the state to learn about the mangrove swamps, coastline, forest area, etc. It took me out of Gainesville and to a happier place. It helped me better understand who I am and helped me appreciate the majesty of the natural world, as its been so long since I've been back on the field and its made me miss it a lot.


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