All Jo Snow ever wanted was to be comfortable with their identity and at home in their body. Finally, they can begin.

Superhuman follows how Jo Snow came to terms with something they have been struggling with their whole life: their gender identity. But more importantly, it highlights a person’s journey of self-discovery and their process of learning how to finally be the person they have always felt they were inside.

"Being trans is arguably the most raw and beautiful way to exist. There is a secular feeling of resilience and strength when you get to build your entire existence." - Jo Snow


Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, all plans for Jo's gender affirming surgery were put on hold indefinitely.

However, on June 24, 2020, Jo received a phone call from Duke University Hospital informing them that a date for top surgery would be possible on August 31, 2020. Unsure if their insurance would be able to cover their upcoming top surgery, an online campaign launched in order to help fundraise for Jo's top surgery.

In addition to fundraising for their top surgery, Jo partnered with FORTHEGWORLS, a non-profit that assists black trans folx with finances and gender affirming surgery.

A screen capture of Jo Snow promoting their GoFundMe

In order to promote this fundraiser, a base donation of $5 would allow people to be invited to a virtual screening of superhuman. The goal of sharing this film was to educate people on Jo's journey thus far and help explain why Jo's upcoming top surgery was such an important next step.

The promotional trailer for the film screening of superhuman

Graphic by Haley France (UNC '20)

Through the use of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, Jo was able to promote their GoFundMe and the screening of superhuman.

A compilation of social media posts and their insights promoting superhuman.

A clip from the superhuman Q&A


The virtual screening of superhuman had a total of 829 people watching. After the screening, a live Zoom Q&A discussion was held for the film. Around 75 people were in attendance.

The goal of superhuman was to increase trans visibility and educate people on the trans journey. Therefore, it was crucial to have audience feedback on the piece to see if these messages came across to viewers. In order to gauge viewers' experiences, an anonymous Google Form was sent out after the screening to audience members.

"I feel Jo’s heart specifically when they talked about the sun. How powerful. I want to share this with so many folks I know who are so uninformed! A Masterpiece- just like Jo! Loved it so much!!!"
"The scene where Jo and their mom were discussing financing for top surgery in the doctor's office was very striking. I feel like trans healthcare is an incredibly important topic to touch on!"

Through a robust social media campaign in tandem with the virtual film screening, Jo Snow surpassed their goal of $10,000 and raised $11,358 for their top surgery and for the organization FORTHEGWORLS.

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Alex Kim