Minecraft-Stuff I did in it..... By Sophia

View of Mini Hotel....

Office, Hotel, "Train" Station, Plaza, Privet Pool, and one of the twin towers.

Veiw of everything from my room.

My room (I have two).

Staircase in twin tower #1.

Railroad to my room.

Staircase up to the twin towers and the railroad to my room.

"Throne room"

Veiw of throne room and twin towers(sorry that it is blurry).

Secret underwater tunnel.

View of almost everything I made including the unfinished campsites.

Patio of my second house.

Dressing Rooms in my second house.

Boat exit in my second house.

Mini library in my second house (sorry that it is blurry).

The "dancing/music" room.

Le pool in my second house.

Bathroom in my second house.

Take-off platform in my house.

Balcony and entrance into my second house.

The topmost room in the hotel.

Camp Swampside, unfinished.

First row of rooms in the hotel (with the stuff on the right).

Bathroom(on of many in the hotel).

Cafe-the bottommost room in the hotel.

A room in the hotel.

The hotel pool.

"Comfy" seats with campfires.

My desk.

My banner.

My bathroom.

I'm not sure what to call this room.....yet.

My other room.

The kitchen, pool, and bathroom.

My friend's house (she made the extirior i made the stuff indide :)).

The office.

My friend's house.

Ladder to go down into my friend's house.

The coolest balcony (with my cat :)).

Top of friend's house.

Private pool.

Private dining room.

Another veiw of almost everything.

View of my room.

Beacon #1.

Beacon #1 continued...

Landing pool.

Treetop home for 4 people.

Floating island (in a different world).

Veiw of hotel.

Village(on other world).

The village.....again.

Thnx 4 looking :)!

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