U.c. Information about hurricanes

Waves caused by hurricane

Hurricanes are windy and rainy natural disasters that kill. Winds can go faster than 252 Km/h.

They have ratings. They go to 1 to 5.


Hurricanes are named after people and things.

Hurricane Patricia

Hurricane Patricia is the strongest hurricane ever recorded.

It started in late October 23 as a level 5 hurricane.

It's air pressure was a total of 872 mbar. Maximum sustained winds of 215 mph

Damages cost over $460 million USD.

, Texas, and Central America where effected while this event


  • Know where to go and what are the rules
  • Make a supply kit and a plan
  • If their is no shelter, go to a room with no windows
  • Have a radio to know when to move and how strong it is
  • Turn everything off if you need to
  • Keep cars in a garage and fully fuel them
Tools to predict hurricanes: satellites, computer models, and radar
Area where most hurricane hit

Causes and Effects

High Winds and water is the most important effect of a hurricane since it determines how powerful the storm is, and how much storm surge and damage it can cause. Winds in a hurricane can reach up to 200 mph. EfFects are DEstruction aNd death.

Special mention

Typhoon Haiyan

Most strong typhoon in the east. It started in November 3 2013. It was level 5 typhoon. It hit the Phillipines,Vietnam, and the Caroline islands.
The end


Created with images by NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "Hurricane Odile" • NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "Hurricane Katia" • pixthree - "Hurricane Ike" • NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "Hurricane Dora"

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