Haiti Called to go

Haiti is a country located in Central America; its territorial extension is 27.750 square kilometres, total in its territory more than 10 million inhabitants. Haiti conquered the independence in 1804, 1st of January, being the first Black Republic in America and the first latin-american country to declare its independence. Haitian population face many socioeconomic problems. Marked by a series of dictatorial governments, coup d'etat and a civil war, thus, a lot of socioeconomic problems. It is the poorest country, economically, in America, its Human Development Index is 0,404 (low); approximately 60% of the population is undernourished e more than half lives under the line of poverty, therefore, less than 1,25 dollar a day. In January of 2010, an earthquake of magnitude 7,0 in Richter scale hit the country, provoking a series of hurts, homeless and deaths. Esteems that half of the constructions were destroyed, 250 thousand of people were hurt, 1,5 million of inhabitants became homeless and the number of deaths surpassed 200 thousand.

Matthew hurricane wrecked the south peninsula of Haiti in October 4th leaving 546 dead and more than 175 thousand people homeless, according to the official bulletin. The hurricane hit some countries in Central America, but it was exactly in Haiti that Matthew caused more destruction. Until this day, Haiti has not completely recovered from the earthquake in 2010 and almost 7 years later, has to deal with another tragedy of great proportions.

One of the cities that suffered the most was Les Cayes, which is in the South of Haiti, where the hurricane was devastating. At the time, the city got completely isolated, making it difficult even to humanitarian help to access it, getting to become a stage to conflicts between civilians and the security of the place, when they received help in nourishment. Beyond the difficulties occurred by the consequence of the homeless, lack of water in use situation, currently Haiti goes through the Cholera drama that after Matthew’s passage, killed about 800 people.

Since when the hurricane occurred, as a YWAM base – Jocum Sertão- we have prayed for the mercy of God, something that moved us into compassion was exactly the fact of the country not had not been completely recovered and had suffered another tragedy, we prayed for months, until we understood in God, that we could be the answer to our prayers. Understanding the challenge, and accepting it with obedience and responsibility, we decided to go to Haiti to serve. Since we decided, we have prayed upon what we heard from God. We are talking to natives Haitians and Brazilians that are serving or have already served there, and they are helping us with information about the nation, culture, necessities and necessary care.

We are preparing to leave Crato- CE in May 3rd to Les Cayes, and return in June 20, we are going to serve the city for about 45 days. We are aware of the innumerable challenges that are waiting for us, the language (they speak French, Creole, some speak English, and Portuguese), the culture, the commodity (there is no electric power where we are going to stay, also there is no pipe water, due to the risk of Cholera, the water is hyper purified, therefore it has a strange taste), the weather, the food, among others. What move us is to know that God has shared with us in this time, to take the gospel in attitude to that punished nation, we heard a specific word about that place:

Instead of your shame you will receive a double portion, ¶ and instead of disgrace ¶ you will rejoice in your inheritance. ¶ And so you will inherit a double portion in your land, ¶ and everlasting joy will be yours. Isaías 61:7

We understood through the chapter 61 of Isaiah that God is calling us to restore, cheer, build, feed and sow. Our school this semester has as theme “transformed soils, fruitful lives”, and in this aspect, we are happy to sow joy, in that place, with everything that was ministered in our heart, beyond helping with house reconstructions, institutions, hearts, dignity and hope. We believe that we will be able to help in many aspects, using our talents, willingness, love, good will and arms.

We are a DTS Outreach staff, we are in 9 volunteers, and everyone is convict that God has called us to go to Haiti. We are going to use everything: dolls, soccer, photography, construction notion, healthy basic knowledge, clowns, and mostly the Word of God, and what else is given to us to bless. To get to Haiti, we need help; any and every help is welcome. Since learning French and Creole to expenses cost. We heard God, we are believing and there is peace in our hearts, by faith we see, reconstruct, rejoice and thank.

To know more about us, you can just access our respective social network and get in touch:

“I believe God has called us to rebuild, the verse that grabbed my attention when God talked to me about Haiti was Isaiah 61:4, about rebuild.”
“We are looking for a word about what to do in Haiti, by human sight, there is a lot to do, it doesn’t lack work, but we want to hear God, a word, because it is what sustains and transforms”
“God has talked about restoring, restoring hearts. I have been thinking about working with soccer, because the sport opens doors and it is a mean of access, almost without barriers, I know that with it we are going to get in touch with a lot of people whom we will be able to talk and sow.” Dony
“I think about the children, I would like to take restoration of love, reaching the kids, reaching generations, we shall restore generations.” Anna
“We want to leave a legacy there, one of the strategies is to serve, rebuild some houses, schools, whatever necessary, but, more than that, we want to rebuild lives there.” Alirio
“I want to take to those people, through love, serving, through soccer, take joy, through arts.” Edilson
“My desire in this time in Haiti is to take what I have learned which is to know God, love him and obey; one thing is connected to the other. I want that the teenagers find themselves with this truth.” Paulinho
“When I think about Haiti, I think a lot about the children and dreams, I believe that through the Holy Spirit of God, we are going to restore the dreams in those kid’s lives, take love, joy, dignity, God’s principles, that’s what I want, that’s what God is sharing with me.” Letícia
“I want to be answer to the reconstruction of dignity and hope, I want to use photography to, in some way, help them rewrite with light, with life, with love, that they may look and see, and that God be glorified through the gift He has given me.” Ticila

Our financial challenge:

  • * Round-trip airplane ticket (for person): $1120,07 (including the ticket from Crato-CE to Fortaleza-CE, and the transfers inside Haiti)
  • * Alimentation: $548,75 (it is about $12 to $13 a day)
  • * Passport (to some of the staff): $82,91
  • * Total (for a person): $1751,73
  • * Total (for the staff): $15781,32

All the information about the values above can be altered, to more or less, due to dollar quotation, the airplane tickets and to the contacts that we are doing in Haiti. Before the project is ready a missionary that we meet through whatsapp, arranged a house to host us. Therefore our expenses went from $2418,38 to $1751,73. We are living from providence of God, day by day.

How you can help

  • * If we get 500 people donating $32,29, we hit the goal;
  • * If we get 1000 people donating $16,15, we also hit the goal;
  • * You can mobilize a group of 10 friends donating $3,24;
  • * You can mobilize your church to be with us, one idea would be a mission service with the focus in Haiti;
  • * You can challenge 5 people (counting with you) to offer $6,47

There is an infinity of things you can do, there is creativity in you if you are willing to help. We already feel blessed.

If you desire go to Haiti with us, contributing with prayers, donation, please get in touch by the phone: +55 88 97096712 or by email: ticilaalves@hotmail.com. The bank account to deposit will be in one of the staff’s, to have a better control of it. Therefore we can only give after getting in touch with us, through email or whatsapp. all donations will be registered and we will post a graph of how much we have already collected.

Prayer Motives:

  • * Evangelism strategies for the staff;
  • * Strategies to raise funds;
  • * For the missionaries that are helping us to get to Haiti;
  • * For our safety;
  • * For our adaptation to the weather, water, and food in Haiti;
  • * For condition to take donation to Haiti (items for donation bellow):
Thank You

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