A Tour of FLMNH By Jacob Reed

Columbian Mammoth. N.d. Harn, Gainesville.

One thing that stood out to me was when I entered the museum and saw a massive skeleton of a Colombian Mammoth. This exhibit was appealing to me because it put into perspective how large this creature really is. One interesting thing I learned through this exhibit is that mammoth's typically stand 10-13 feet tall. Seeing this in person helps me picture what a mammoth would have looked like in real life. This trip to the museum was enjoyable to me because I was able to learn about interesting historical findings and parts of the natural world that I would have never known about before.

Butterfly, FLMNH. Personal photograph by author. 2017.

The butterfly exhibit was truly an unforgettable experience. As Leopold calls on us to “love, respect, and admire” the land, the butterfly exhibit instilled those emotions in me. It feels surreal to be immersed in calm, peaceful part of nature where butterflies fly around you with no worries or fears. It reminded me how important it is to relax and visit calming places every once in a while. The people around me all seemed very in awe of the beauty of the scenery and patters on the butterflies. The museum had several signs in each part of the museum explaining in depth the work of art or piece of nature, leaving visitors informed and inspired. After visiting the museum, I felt compelled to respect nature to a higher degree and treat plants, animals and other forms of nature with the respect they deserve.

Giant Shrimp, FLMNH. Personal photograph by author. 2017.

The under water portion of the museum helped me step out of my ordinary life the most. The exhibit had dark blue lighting with awe-inspiring sea creatures floating around you. The detailed sculptures and immersive experience really helps one appreciate the creativity and wonderful aspects of nature that one would't consider in a daily routine. The ocean has always been a factor of mystery for me, since humans haven't completely discovered the ocean yet and there are constantly new creatures being discovered as marine biology technology improves. This museum helped me to appreciate life itself and enjoy nature instead of hurriedly rushing through my day to get to the next task at hand.

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