The Gatsby Group May 1922

Composed by Steven Hansen, Brian Killian, and Andrew Fenter

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National News - pg 2


Construction of Yankee Stadium - pg 3

Babe Ruth Suspension - pg 4

Baseball Is A Sport - pg 5


Annie Oakley - pg 6


The Convertible - pg 7

The Audiometer - pg 8

Advice - pg 9-11

National News- page 2

The United States Government is currently controlled by members of the Republican Party. The nation is lead by President Warren G. Harding (OH). His Vice-President is former Governor of Massachusetts Calvin Coolidge. Congress, along with The White House, is also Republican controlled with Speaker of the House Frederick H. Gillett (MA) and Senate Majority Leader Henry Cabot Lodge (MA). The third branch of government is lead by Chief Justice William Howard Taft, President of the United States from 1909 to 1913. 1922 was a big year for the Government of the United States. On February 7, the Five Power Naval Disarmament Treaty was signed between United States, Britain, Japan, France, and Italy. On April 7, the Teapot Dome Scandal brought to light corruption in the government over naval oil reserves. Also, on October 3, Rebecca Felton of Georgia became the first female United States Senator, when the governor of Georgia gives her a temporary appointment, pending the election of a replacement for Senator Thomas Watson, who had died suddenly. She did not take office till November 21, and thus served for only one day.

Some news points more tangible to the public include that on January 28, snowfall from the Knickerbocker storm, the biggest-ever recorded snowstorm in Washington, D.C., caused the roof of the Knickerbocker Theatre to collapse, killing 98. In addition to this massive snowfall, on May 12, A 20-ton meteorite lands near Blackstone, Virginia.

Construction of Yankee Stadium- page 3

On the fifth of May, the White Construction Company broke ground at the corner of East 161st Street and River Avenue in the Bronx for a new stadium for the New York Yankees. With the intentions of beginning the 1923 season at their new home in the Bronx, the Yankees will end a 10 year stay at the Polo Grounds, located in Washington Heights in Upper Manhattan. The construction of the Yanks’ new stadium is estimated to cost about $2.4 million USD, which will be financed completely by team owner Jacob Ruppert. The 58,000 seat facility was designed by the Osborn Engineering Corporation and figures to play well for Yankees’ star outfielder Babe Ruth’s powerful left-handed swing. After homering an American League record 59 times last season, the Bronx Bombers hope that the Sultan of Swat will continue to build on his recent success. Since being purchased from the Boston Red Sox for $100,000 USD in the winter following the 1919 season, Ruth has slugged 113 home runs and driven in 303 runs, while hitting to a .377 clip. If anything is for certain, it is that Yankee Stadium will bring new life to an already exciting team.

Ruth's Suspension- page 4

Following a 6 week long suspension to begin the 1922 campaign, the Yankees’ big bopper George “Babe” Ruth figures to factor heavily into the team’s plans for the remainder of the season. Ruth received the hefty punishment prior to this year after spending time barnstorming with teammate Bob Meusel. In addition, Ruth was fined his World Series bonus of $3,500 USD. Barnstorming is prohibited by Major League Baseball for players who had played in the World Series. Commissioner Kenesaw Mountain Landis does not take lightly the importance of the World Series, as is evident given his handing down of lifetime bans to many involved in the 1919 Chicago White Sox scandal that involved them throwing the World Series. Landis has since taken it upon himself to protect the integrity of the game and the magnitude of the World Series. However, Ruth did not agree with Landis’ decision, saying “Tell the old guy to go jump in a lake.” It seems safe to say that Ruth will continue to set his fun side free, regardless of the consequences.

Baseball is a Sport: Exemption from Antitrust Laws- page 5

On May 29, the U.S. Supreme County ruled in the case of Federal Baseball Club that Major League Baseball was a sport and therefore, exempt from the Clayton Antitrust Act. The case was brought about by the a federal League, which accused the Major Leagues of conspiring to monopolize baseball. After the Federal League’s failure in 1915, many Federal League ball clubs were taken over by Major League owners. Additionally, several owners of Federal League teams were compensated by way of a Major League team. However, the Baltimore Terrapins’ owner was not fairly compensated, leading him to bring about the suit. After the plaintiff won his case, he was awarded $80,000 USD in damages under the Clayton Antitrust Act. Later, an appeals court overturned the decision and was eventually brought to the Supreme Court. The decision is ultimately a good one for Major League Baseball and will continue to allow for the business to grow.

Annie Oakley- page 6

On April 16, Annie Oakley, the woman who broke the world record of clay targets broken in a row with one hundred clay targets, has hinted towards a comeback career. We have not seen her perform in over ten years, but she performed last night at a local benefit on Long Island. At the age of 62 her shooting abilities seem to be as strong and accurate as ever which leads us to believe a comeback is completely in the realm of possibility. Another reason why her comeback is a possibility is because we know for a fact that she has been consistently staying up to date. One year ago Annie and her husband Frank built a house in Maryland which had a specific feature of easy roof access. The only possible explanation for this is that Annie has been practicing her sharp shooting to stay a top tier shooter so that she can return to the competitive sport of sharp shooting. Annie Oakley is on her way back to the world stage of sharp shooting.

The Convertible- page 7

The first ever retractable hardtop automobile, better known as the convertible, was just constructed by Ben P. Ellerbeck, an American engineer. The retractable hardtop is the next must have luxury item; it comes only a short after Henry Ford started mass-producing the Model T back in 1908 in Detroit, MI. The retractable hardtop offers the amazing convenience of being able to put the roof of one’s car away during the intense heat, such that of the summer months. While yone is able to put the top down to cool off, the retractable hardtop allows one to put the roof back on the car to protect one from inclement weather. This amenity is likely only available to the wealthy, but it is one luxury one could only dream of owning.

The Audiometer- page 8

The old system for evaluating speech was a subjective test by a doctor who may or may not have hearing loss himself. But, now there is an objective test to evaluating the hearing of an individual. Dr. Harvey Fletcher is a science associate at Brigham Young University and is the creator of the Audiometer. The test is not painful, non invasive, and very effective in measuring the hearing loss of a person accurately. An audiometer uses a set of beeps at different volumes. Whenever one cannot hear the beep it is marked down and the doctor will know how much hearing loss the individual had experienced. It is a huge advancement from the current system and will surely be used internationally by the medical field. I can personally say that this advancement will help thousands of Long Islanders.

Advice- page 9

Question: I am a Long Island female who is unsure about what I should do about my husband. He is a very racist person and is not shy about his beliefs. I disagree with him but am not sure if I should confront him or not about his beliefs. What do you think?

Answer: Well this is a very personal issue because only you know how your husband would react. If he is one that keeps to himself and is shy, then bringing that subject up in a one on one conversation is a good choice. But, if your husband is one that is adamant about his beliefs and hates to be questioned, then you should probably just listen to your husband. Personal beliefs, religious or social, should not be the deciding factor on whether or not one's marriage will work out. The problem arises when someone takes this questioning as a dismissive action because spouses get very defensive when they believe they are being personally attacked. This is what I believe, but only you know your husband well enough to know how he will react.

Advice- page 10

Question: I am a Long Island male and I am unsure about what to do with my wife. My wife is super materialistic and all she cares about is money. She continously wants to buy various items, but the money is starting to run out. What do I do to stop this problem.

Answer: This issue is a personal issue, and you need to be very sensitive with your wife when you confront her. You simply need to inform her that although you want to do everything to be able to please her, you financially cannot anymore. Though I do realize this is very tough to do, it is of the utmost importance. You need to explain to her that you work extremely hard to earn a paycheck, and your wife cannot be throwing that money down the drain so to speak. When talking to her be swift, firm, and concise. It is likely that your wife will react negatively to this, but you need to give her time to cool off her emotions before bringing up the topic again. I wish you luck, and I hope your struggles can be eliminated.


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