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How might having a valuable resource affect a region?

Because there is a valuable resource the population of this region might go up. For example people will be attracted to this region to find work.This will happen because to get natural gas and crude oil out of the ground it takes a lot of work. Not only does the drill need to have a lot of workers to keep it running, but people have to supervise everything people have to work at oil refineries people have to run companies and organizations like OPEC. All of these things creates a lot of jobs, and if you have thousands of drills running the more and more jobs it creates.Another reason why people will be attracted to the region is because of the wealth and the paradise that some cities have like Dubai. The wealth of places like this come from natural resources. For example wealthy people may come to places like Dubai as a paradise place, it is fun, there is a lot to see,there are a lot of very nice beachfront hotels all of this attracts people. So people will want to stay there and even live there because they like the vibe it gives. Also if you have so much space for all these wealthy people than the population will go up quickly.Throughout history regions that have a good natural resource have attracted people to it.

This is Dubai one of the fastest growing cities on the planet.

How do people adapt to living in a desert region?

People adapt to living in the desert in many ways. People have to do this to conserve their marginal lands because without shifting agriculture desertification steps in, and takes over the land.Shifting agriculture is important because if marginal land turns into a desert than families will not be able to live or farm.Another adaptation is people have to live near a desert oasis so they can rely on the water to survive.This is important because in a desert there is not a lot of water, and an oasis is a good way to have a lot of water. When there is not a lot of water people can't survive so they need to live near a desert oasis. People that live near a desert oases are able to farm, and they have many natural resources and a sustainable food source.This is how people adapt to living in the desert without much water or food or other natural resources.

This is a desert oasis that can be found in the Sahara Desert.

What forces work against the supranational cooperation among nations?

Two forces that work against the supranational cooperation among nations is not all countries use the Euro, and cultural identity.One force that works against the supranational cooperation among nations is not all countries use the Euro.This is bad for people because they can't buy things from other countries without changing their money.If people have to change their money to buy things over country borders it will be too expensive and they will go somewhere else to buy the thing they want and then that person will not be paid and there will be less jobs for people.Another force that works against supranational cooperation among nations is cultural identity. If everyone has a different culture,and speaks a different language the European Union will have to translate papers into many different languages.If everyone speaks a different language then no one can understand each other. If no one understands each other everyone will be confused and it will be complete chaos.Cultural identity,and not every country uses the Euro are just two things that don't work for the supranational cooperation among nations,but there are many more things that don't work for them also.

This is a Euro it is the common European Unions money

What do you think is the most effective style of government and why?

The most effective style of government is democracy. In a democracy citizens have the right to vote, so not just one dictator or royal family gets to govern or decide on things. If everyone gets a say all ideas are not coming just from the government. In addition, with democracy a leader can not just just take over and do whatever they want and make whatever laws they want. If 1 person can not take over the rights of minorities will not change and there will not be any unnecessary laws. All in all, in democracy everyone has a say and no one can take over or be above the law.

This is the government building .

Q:What makes a good citizen?

A: First to be a good citizen means to pay your taxes. If taxes are not paid after a while the house, and everything a person owns will be taken away. Another way to be a good citizen is to have to have responsibility, like keeping informed, being part of the community and respecting the law. To be a good citizen means to vote to to be political and for a citizen to speak there mind for the community. Lastly to be a good citizen mean to have tolerance for the people in your community. This is what it means to be a good citizen.

You have the right to vote.


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