Mitchell county fun facts and attractions By : Cooper hassinen

Mitchell county is a great county it is located in Iowa. This picture shown above is the Mitchell County courthouse. They have many more cool features in Mitchell county. They have a historical museum they have a lot of stuff in the museum.

Historical Museum
Map of Mitchell county

A historical event in Mitchell county is when they built the first Lutheran Church in December 12 1976

First Lutheran Church

The size of Mitchell county is 470 mi and the population is 10,709

One of the towns in Mitchell county is Osage. Union,Wayne,Jenkins

If you wanted to go Mitchell county it would take you 3 h and 25 minutes it is 270 miles away.

This is a video of Mitchell county Harvest

My thought of Mitchell county is good I think it is a very good community that has a lot of nice people. They have a lot of cool stuff to do in the county. They have built a lot of nice church's. There county seat is the town of Osage.

Cedar is one of the town ships in Mitchell county

43.3711° N, 92.8577° W

County name orgin: Osage


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