The 1920's, a return to the AMerican dream Jake Capp

The political cartoon below from the 1920's shows major problems and big deals economically and politically. The tower saying get rich quick shows the easy selling of copper, copper was worth a lot of money at the time so gathering a bunch of it up and selling it gave you lots of money. The second, being a bottle of alcohol reading "bootleg whiskey" shows prohibition, being the banning of all alcoholic drinks. The last two refer to world crime and the dope market.

Women's Suffrage

One of the big issues in the 1920's that really made a large uproar among women, especially young women was women's suffrage. Women's suffrage means that no woman can vote in any political election. Women mage large uproars in the forms of protests and strikes. Women wanted more freedom, for a small example of that statement an anti-suffrage newspaper printed in an article, "The suffragist's ideal is a kitchen-less house. Women didn't want just freedom, they wanted their stereotypes gone too.


September 20th, 1920, Justice Harlan of the United States Supreme Court stated, "Alcohol poisons and kills, abstinence and prohibition saves life and safeguard help." And just like that, Alcohol was banned. Alcohol up until then was one of the largest things in the US, the prohibition sent beer, wine, and any other alcoholic drink providers away. Prohibition caused a lot of uproar and made 100's of people lose jobs. Alcohol was illegal until the settlement of the 21'st amendment in 1933 making it legal again with a drinking age matching the amendment number of 21

The Scopes Trial

Another big commotion in the 20's was the butler act and the scopes trials. Ms. Jesse Sparks said "I for one was grateful that they stood up for what was right. And grateful, too, that we have a christian man for governor who will defend the word of god against this so-called science." The butler act made it illegal to teach the thinking of Darwinism, being evolution. John Scopes made a stand and went against the Butler Act and even took it to court starting the Scope's Trials. Scope's was convicted , partly because of the defense and released later on, the law was then repealed in 1967.

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