The Peloponnesian War By: luz perdomo

  • Athens was the strongest city-state due to wealth and mighty fleet and was run by a democracy
  • Sparta was smaller but had a very strong military community and was run by an oligarchy
  • Delian League
  • 150 states that sided with Athens formed the Delian League
  • The treasury of the league was placed in Delos
  • Pericles
  • Athens was at the height of its power under the ruling of Pericles
  • Military commander, democrat, inspired culture, rebuilt Acropolis
  • Thucydides
  • First professional historian
  • Wrote about this time in Green politics
  • Fought in Peloponnesian Wars
  • Athens and Sparta fought in the first of the Peloponnesian Wars but agreed to a peace treaty
  • Sparta's army was not strong enough against Athens
  • The Athenian Navy could not attack Sparta
  • Stalemate - peace treaty
  • Also known as the Thirty Years' Treaty
  • Shortly after the peace treaty, Athens allied with an important part of Corinth
  • Eventually, Athens violated the treaty and Sparta threatened war
  • Pericles was the most influential leader, therefore his words mattered greatly. On his advice, Athens refused to back down and efforts to resolve the conflict failed.
  • Hostilities never fully ceased
  • Spartan ally, Thebes, attacked an Athens ally, Plataea in 431 BCE
  • An army led by the Spartan king Archidamos invaded and destroyed Attica
  • War finally broke out again after these events
  • Sicilian Civil War
  • Athens helps an ally attack and destroy the Sicilian city of Syracuse
  • That ally was of Sparta and this caused conflict between them again
  • The war's second period of fighting caused major catastrophes
  • Spartans attack and defeat the Athenians by destroying their defensive walls in 404 BCE
  • The Athenian army and navy was defeated. This caused 50,000 deaths and 200 sunken ships
  • The Greek State was ruined due to Athen's defeat and crippled military strength
  • The war is presumed over by Spartan victory
Created By
Luz Perdomo


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